HODGES: Our Hope Is They Bring Back Solutions

Editor’s Note: a guest post from State Rep. Valarie Hodges (R-Denham Springs)

Governor Jindal, Speaker Kleckley and Colonel Edmonson are doing the right thing by getting a first-hand look at the border crisis, which is already affecting Louisiana, and we’d like to thank them.  Fourteen of my fellow members and I urged action, and we are glad to see a swift response.

Our hope is they bring back solutions we might put into action here in Louisiana. However, some actions must come from our President, and we urge Governor Jindal to insist upon them. Those solutions should include:

  • A clear plan to identify and separate criminals from innocent children and inform us of that plan;
  • Immediately turn over infiltrating criminals and gang members to their home country authorities;
  • Provide short-term, temporary shelter to the innocent to determine health status and render immediate care, if needed;
  • Pressure home countries to live up to their responsibility to care for their own children;
  • Call for those countries to safely and humanely retrieve their children, reunite them with their loved ones, and provide continued safety and well-being in their own homes and communities.

As Louisiana elected representatives, our first priority must be the safety and well-being of our own citizens. Therefore we suggest the Governor himself and our legislature consider establishing rules to…

  • Prevent Louisiana from bearing the costs of federal transport and housing of illegal aliens in Louisiana;
  • Prevent the Federal government from secretly sending any more illegal aliens to Louisiana;
  • Prevent the more than one thousand illegal aliens who are already in Louisiana from entering our communities or schools without proper health records, identification and registration;
  • Prevent Louisiana residents from secretly housing illegal aliens;
  • Prevent those in Louisiana from profiteering by fraudulent applications for government assistance or fraudulent use of federal funds provided to sponsors of these illegals, including requiring back-ground checks, state registration, permitting and regular reporting as sponsors of illegal aliens.

Now that we have become aware of the extent of the problem, we must act to incarcerate the criminal, protect the innocent, re-unite families, and protect the interests of Louisiana.



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