SARGE: Lots Of Lawsuits, Lots Of Money

It appears it’s a good year to be a lawyer in Washington. John Boehner says he’ll bring suit against Beaurat Obama (we’ll see if Boehner has the cojones to actually file the suit) and now presidential wannabe Bobby Jindal will apparently sue Obama and the feds because Common Core has a dead, rotting little worm resident at the heart of the program.

For me it would’ve been an exercise in Due Diligence if Jindal checked into this disaster in the making before voting for the politically based and therefore politically debased usage of our children to conquer the hearts of people too weak of mind than to look past their wallets. Anything and everything concerning this program is based on “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s” belief it can reduce education to the level of extended and extrapolated survey data housed in the theoretical pronouncements of academicians having no proof of their assertions. They want us to accept they alone know what’s best for our kids. In spite of Melissa Harris-Perry’s and Hilary Clinton’s past assertion our children belong to the state, we know better. Remember? It takes a village (the state)?

Members of the Louisiana State Education hierarchy are members of the elitist double-speak community. They’re fighting desperately to protect their position of dominion over what and how YOUR kid learns. Everything they say answers a question with a question. You never get a straight answer to the first question. You get NO definitive answers to justify their position this is a good program. And they’re outright insulting as they do it.

It’s insulting because these butt nuggets are being paid with tax dollars to roll over us as though we don’t matter. We hold suspect anybody maintains a rigid path of performance accepting no input from people to be affected by their actions. Engineers learned from technicians and builders when the engineers created walkways going nowhere, structurally insecure bridges and walkways and roads leading nowhere. One of my favorites was an architect who’d created a room in the middle of a house with no doors to enter it. A carpenter set him straight. And these academicians ONLY have their word to support their theories. Statistical extrapolations don’t count because the individual nature of the “test rat” (our kids) will disprove the “one size fits all” strategy this boondoggle makes.

In NOLA/Times-Picayune today: “U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has criticized the governor’s opposition to Common Core as politically driven. In a June interview with “CBS This Morning,” the secretary said of Jindal’s switched position: “It’s about politics, it’s not about education.” And we’re supposed to believe a political hack like Arne Duncan, with his lips super-glued to Obama’s butt and the Democrat Party’s ideology of “government first”, isn’t political?

Obama jumped on the “standards” urging states to adopt them as part of the application process for the Race to the Top grant program. Two state testing confederations — the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium — received $330 million from the grant program to develop standardized testing material tied to Common Core.                                                                                                                     (NOLA- 8-27-2014)

This is about money and the power it can buy in politics. This is about determining if (as has been theorized) people can be persuaded to turn over their kids’ education to people seeking to co-opt parental control of education and “standardize” and (in a manner more akin to indoctrination and specific programming of young minds to place the state above the individual) to proselytize American ideals of life, liberty and freedoms from state control in favor of Marxist/Socialist orthodoxy allowing for NO controversy to state developed doctrine.

If we’re to follow extrapolated data and reach a conclusion based on past and present performance of politicians and power-brokers, then the following (as the lawsuit says) would be true: “Louisiana now finds itself trapped in a federal scheme to nationalize curriculum,” the lawsuit says. “What started as good state intentions has materialized into the federalization of education policy through federal economic incentives and duress.”

And that’s what we’ve been trying to tell people all along. Follow the money!

Thanks for listening.

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