SARGE: Trial By Media

I watched CNN for as long as I could tolerate it. A totally biased and skewed assemblage of liberal whites and disaffected blacks tossed words about in a Washington D.C. or New York studio concerning the events in Ferguson, Missouri. It was no more than I expected and far less than anybody deserves considering the lack of facts possessed by outsiders hundreds of miles away from the incident.

The “moderator” plumbed the emotional depths of the panel. He stroked and massaged the commentary and elements of fear based on stories he’d been told by his parents and grandparents. He pulled people’s fears from the recesses of memory and dragged the daily concerns of parents expressing their fears and night terrors because of police abuses of “young black men”. They threw the word MURDER around as a certainty when nobody has yet completed or published FINAL findings of these issues. All this is meant to inflame already raw emotions. The media thrives on conflict, that which they respond to and that which they produce, endorse and sell for their profit. They hold NO shame for pouring salt in wounds already sore and abused by events unfolding.

Daily I watch the coverage of the riots where people are filtered through politically biased news organizations editing their coverage. They use that editing to assure their audience is collaterally titillated with the violence and enraged with the manufactured perception of injustice and police overreaction endured on the scene.

The press and media manufactured the “issue” of the “MILITARIZATION OF THE MILITARY”. Itdemonizes the police and scares the public and the audience of well selected, curried and polished participants showing no nervousness or anxiety when appearing before TV cameras. The media has driven this event to the heights it now presents. They create fear because of what they see; no matter the fact the equipment isn’t used.

The entire program of events heightens the anxiety of the public, sensationalizes the reportage of the events transpired and transpiring and mobilizes as much angst as can be directed toward the viewing public. It’s always been the course of journalism that “what bleeds-leads”. That means the more sensational the coverage, the greater the horror, the more debilitating the circumstances, the bloodier the pools seem in the depths of night lit with LEDs; the better.

It’s better because the media gains viewers. Advertisers gain target audiences. The public’s prurient interest in violence and lawlessness allows the audience to open their shroud of superiority and cast the judgment sought by the media. Those people suffering the long distance horror can deepen their fear and distrust of authority and give them solace they were right in their suspicions everybody IS “out to get them”.

Race-baiters and agitators present themselves, their agendas and their personal angles for inspection and presentation by the media. New Black Panthers (NPB) congregate in one sideshow kiosk issuing their vitriol and venom at the top of their lungs while clad completely in black and jauntily sporting black berets. On either side of these dysfunctional racist Harlequins stand two other rejects vomited from this clown car: Jesse “The Clown Poet” Jackson and Al “The Organizer” Sharpton haranguing the masses and sponging up money to support their lavish lifestyles. Sharpton and Jackson march in the daylight then skulk away to the shadows and church halls inhabited by the moneyed grandparents and parents wanting change. The crowds they inflamed enter onto the streets to combat officers with Molotov Cocktails, gunfire and “in-your-face” confrontations designed to produce specific responses from the police.

Throwing rocks and assaulting police officers threatens the safety of the individual officers and the general public. The melee to follow may injure innocents on both side of the line. And, no sense of understanding grows in ground fertilized with hate.

This riot in Ferguson Missouri highlights alleged inequities people live under and their anger at the death of one young man. But, nobody seems to have any idea of how to pursue truth and justice. They only know how to strike out spastically like serpents on fire.

They poison themselves while spastically biting their own butts in their suffering.

Thanks for listening.

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