Why Are We Not Talking About John Kerry’s Racism Today?

After this disgusting spectacle, in which he lectures the Africans that it’s not a good idea for more of them to own farms and produce crops to feed their countrymen because that would increase the continent’s carbon footprint, what else is there to discuss?

People are starving in Africa. People go to bed hungry in Africa every night. Africa is gripped by abject, crushing poverty which can only be overcome by private property, which chiefly includes private land ownership, and the rule of law.

John Kerry knows about the starvation there, and yet his solution is to hold the line on the number of privately-owned farms functioning there while making the current African farms productive on the level of their American counterparts.

Which is ridiculous fantasy.

There is no access to the kind of technology which makes American farms as productive as they are. If you’re going to increase, drastically, the production of African agriculture the only practical way to do that within the kind of time frame that could be expected to address the problems of starvation there is for more Africans to farm more land. Period.

You cannot be the Secretary of State of the United States of America – even if you’re far and away the worst man in that job in the modern history of the Republic like Kerry is – and not understand that.

This isn’t rank incompetence and blithering ignorance. It’s worse than that. It’s John Kerry saying “it’s not important whether you darkies continue to starve to death, it’s important that the American Left feel good about fighting the hypothetical problem of “global warming” by stopping you from developing your economies.”

Which is racism. Sorry, but it is. It’s the worst kind of racism; it’s genocidal racism. It’s telling practically an entire continent that they don’t have the right to prosper as they see fit.

Kerry ought to resign, immediately. How can you be your country’s chief diplomat and show yourself to be such a virulent bigot?



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