The People’s Cube Weighs In On Mary Landrieu’s Residency Problem

When you turn into a joke the year you’re running for re-election, that’s when you really have trouble.

And Mary’s a joke now. If that was in doubt before, it ain’t anymore. We bring you the legendary smart-asses of The People’s Cube, who have come to Louisiana to make mirth and offer a comic pimp-slap to your senior senator.

Dear Comrades,

To demonstrate her solidarity with the poor and oppressed masses of the USSA, Comrade People’s Senator Mary Landrieu has taken to living in the basement of her parent’s home Louisiana Oblast.

Just as many Workers and Peasants have suffered the plight of multi-generational housing as a result of the oppressive policies of the Republicans and their Petty Bourgeois lackeys, Comrade Mary has demonstrated her solidarity with their struggles for social justice. Party officials throughout the State have telegraphed their congratulations to her.

Other People’s representatives have also considered turning over their local housing options in their Oblasts and living solely in their Washington DC barracks, so that their local homes may be shared with the poor. Other Party officials have pledged to save the State millions of People’s Dollars by remaining only in Washington and minimizing their travels to their assigned representational districts.

We salute our Party leadership for their willingness to sacrifice their personal needs for the progress of the State and the well-being of the Proletariat!

The best part of all this? Mary’s hairy arms in the pic.



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