And Now, We Give You Mary Landrieu Doin’ The Wobble

Look – don’t blame me for this stuff. I don’t make the rules here; you guys do. You can scream an’ moan about how we’re postin’ a bunch of stuff about the election that doesn’t matter to anybody, an’ how this is all low-brow stuff just designed to get links and bring in traffic.

To which the response from the fur-bearing rodent blogger community is: Yeah? So?

You’re gonna watch this, and you’re gonna share it around. We’re gonna get more traffic because of it. Everybody knows this, an’ that’s why this post is up. So stop complainin’.

Besides, I think we finally found somethin’ she’s really good at. Can we book her on Dancin’ With The Stars? Is Soul Train still around?

Funny how every time Mary goes to a tailgate there’s photography of stuff that doesn’t happen at that mansion in DC she lives in, huh?

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