BAYHAM: With Baltimore Coming, An Edgar Allen Poe Knockoff

Things looked so good before September, visions of glory did we remember

Byrd was signed, Graham was brought back they were on the way to the Two Dat

But like the guys from Mice and Men, their great-laid plans went off deep end

Losing to Falcons in ATL, in overtime had felt like hell

Cold in Cleveland, flat in Dallas, again in Detroit added embarrassment

Against the Bucs they dodged a scare, beating Tampa by a hair

Finally Saints had their day, upending vaunted Green Bay

Brees was great, Cooks caught a load, Ingram played in full beast mode

Cam and Kasim gave Rodgers heck, With two sacks each, a double-check

A quick run to Carolina, the Saints could not hope to play finer

Getting out their self-made jam, the D made Superman a scam

After that win, there was great hope, but then they crashed as if on dope

The drop to Frisco in the tenth week, ended their long home Dome streak

Then came to town the Who Dey nation, The game was death by strangulation

Nothing worked, not 4th and one, worse two more players had seasons done

The first round draft pick lost quite hasty, along with Bush, our second safety

Two starters replaced through waiver wire and other teams’ practice squad hires

Like the cut left by a pendulum’s swing, the accruing losses have left a sting

Big jolly Ryan, once hailed the cure, has been the subject of Who Dats furor

His patronage did Ms Mae’s boast, but poor defense has made him toast

Two thousand fourteen the bitter season. the lack of pass rush has been a reason

The Saints IR, filled up with hurt, a second’ry losing its shirt

Corey White stuck in a daze, getting burned on third down plays

Who Dats have cursed and let loose sobs, it’s so bad they demand P-Rob

A defensive front caught in the brambles, allowing runs and QB scrambles

Statistically, the offense is back, but that’s on paper and not in fact

For all the yards scribes talk about, they’ve fallen short and not closed out

Garbage scores, and zone defense rallies, has got them close but few win tallies

Fantasy scores add to the chatter, but wins and losses are all that matter

Looking to add to the tale of woe, come Ravens flying from town of Poe

Purple and black fans yelling CAW, led by head coach John Harbaugh

Twenty nine Sean and Drew went through, the Ravens being just one of two

According to the media books, the last triumph was qb’d by Brooks

Though the biggest reason they didn’t lose was three touchdown run in by Deuce

Already losing to his kid brother, the Saints can’t afford to drop another

With defeats mounting, the division slipping, a third straight loss will be most crippling

B’more’s defense can stop the run, thus Ingram won’t have that much fun

But chances of victory could be fair by battlin’ Ravens in the air

While on the ground far more are worst, but their pass defense, twenty-first

It’s on the franchise pro Drew Brees, to bring their d-backs to their knees

With Cooks laid out, so it would seem, Jimmy will get the triple team

For Graham can’t haul down every score, to grab the win we’ll need the corps

Meachem, Nick Toon, and Joe Morgan, Let’s pray for no drops from Colston

The screen’s an option if they dare, for the Saints should have again Pierre

Defense has been what they’ve been about now Baltimore’s offense is just as stout

Journeyman Forsett has fit in nice, replacing the suspended Rice

Seven years, five different jerseys, he’s the comeback player most deserving

Emerging from the crowded field, 700 plus yards d-lines have yield

Their q b’s not the greatest thing, at least Flacco can claim a ring

This churlish poet would be lying, not admit I’m mocking Matthew Ryan

In touchdown passes and I N Ts, Flacco is two behind Drew Brees

In pass protection similar still, just one more guy got in Joe’s grill

The Saints will see a man no stranger, Steve Smith the constant danger

A long time bete noire of the team, whose clutch catches has caused some screams

No more in Charlotte he got the sack, I bet they wished they had him back

White, Vaccaro, and the fill ins, will struggle to contain this villain

Bocephus once said it’ll be a fight, when rowdy fans show up Monday night

The Saints need passion, to play with heart and plenty noise to draw false starts

Lest Harbaugh and his feathered flock, seal off post-season with one more block

Another loss might shut the door, playoffs?! this season…


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