Guess Who Wants Credit For The Keystone Pipeline

If you guessed Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), ding ding ding! You’re correct.

Landrieu, who is now infamously known for failing to be able to get a vote on the Senate floor for the Keystone XL Pipeline, is demanding that she be given the credit for the Senate possibly taking up the matter in a vote soon.

Though it is common knowledge that the issue has become political, as Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has proposed his own Keystone bill in the House which will be voted on, Landrieu insisted that it had nothing to do with politics.

“If they want to take my name off, put somebody’s else name on it and pass it, so be it,” Landrieu said on the floor Wednesday. “I didn’t come here to see my name in lights.”

But then, Landrieu said she was the one who should be given the credit if the legislation does come to the Senate floor.

“When they call press conferences later today and declare victory, remember who actually brought this to the floor,” Landrieu said Thursday. “I’m the senator who came to this floor.”

Now, Landrieu is working on whipping 60 votes in the Senate for the Keystone Pipeline.

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