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“LSU coach Les Miles usually takes the high road when he isn’t happy about officiating. But he was clearly disturbed by some calls, and non-calls, in LSU’s 20-13 overtime loss to Alabama Saturday.” – NOLA.com

“The New Orleans Saints were none too pleased with the offensive pass interference call on tight end Jimmy Graham that negated his apparent 47-yard game-winning Hail Mary touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.” – WWL-TV

This tough new ad from Landrieu — who faces a runoff election against Cassidy — uses clips from a Cassidy speech to make him appear seriously unhinged. Readers can judge for themselves how out of context the clips are (the ad directs viewers to the full speech), but The Fact Checker was interested in the small bit of policy substance highlighted in the ad: ‘His record is crystal clear: voting to cut Social Security benefits to pay for tax breaks for millionaires like himself.'” – Washington Post

“After getting criticism by Democrats for cancelling advertising reservations for the Dec. 6 Louisiana Senate runoff, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says it is now raising funds for a ‘moneybomb’ to support Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.” – NOLA.com

Candy and I enjoyed a double date with Bill and Laura Cassidy tonight at Ye Olde College Inn in New Orleans. Thanks to the Blancher family for hosting us and to Jimmy and the staff for a great New Orleans meal!” – KEEL

“The national spotlight on Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race is not as bright as it was, now that Republicans have secured a firm majority, but the GOP still is pushing to pick up another seat by electing U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge.” – Monroe News Star

“Voters in Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District have two choices to represent them in Washington, D.C.: a political newcomer, who served in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s cabinet, or a well-known former governor, who also happens to be a convicted felon.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Al Leone, a real estate executive who captured 25 percent of the vote in a strong third-place finish in the Nov. 4 primary is now throwing his support behind Bradley-Wright for the Dec. 6 runoff.” – WWL-TV

Landrieu has come out swinging at Cassidy in the days following her narrow primary victory. The embattled three-term senator is fighting for her political survival after a wave of Republican wins swept states across the nation.” – NOLA.com

“Dr. Charles Boustany, U.S. Representative for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District, today endorsed Dr. Ralph Abraham in the 5th Congressional District runoff election.” – KTVE


“President Obama reiterated today that, in the absence of congressional action, he intends to use his pen to bring about immigration reform. I don’t think he’s bluffing. Expect an Executive Order that will authorize the issuance of work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.” – Power Line

“There is high anxiety over President Obama’s impending unilateral amnesty order for millions of illegal aliens. How many millions? The estimates vary. On the low end, 3 to 8 million, assuming some correlation to the potential beneficiaries of the president’s already existing amnesty decrees (including DACA or Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals). On the high end, as many as 9 to 34 million, factoring in likely categorical expansions of amnesty and their ramifications over the next several years.” – Andrew McCarthy/National Review

Thousands have lost their jobs in the coal industry and these free classes funded by federal money can only help a fraction of them.” – AP

“Amid all the satisfaction, resolve, and even excitement among Republicans in the wake of last week’s elections, one burbling, intramural dispute could completely ruin the Right’s chances to forge a unity of purpose.” – Quin Hillyer

“So Republicans have taken back the Senate and in January will control both houses of Congress. That brings them to the question posed by a famous political book: You won — Now what?” – Glenn Reynolds/USA Today

“The state’s most powerful Republican secretly worked for months to help Democratic Gov. Cuomo win re-election — in exchange for Cuomo’s promise not to aid Senate Democrats in their Long Island races, a top New York GOP leader has charged.” – NY Post

“Sajjad Maseeh, 27, and his wife Shama Bibi, 24, were set upon by at least 1,200 people after rumors circulated that they had burned verses from the Quran, family spokesman Javed Maseeh told NBC News via telephone late Thursday. Their legs were also broken so they couldn’t run away.” – NBC News

How can the GOP blow the advantage it gained at the state and national levels in last week’s midterm elections? By mistaking hostility toward Barack Obama’s failed policies for a positive embrace of a vaguely defined conservative agenda heavy on increased spending (especially on defense) and the promotion of a narrowly defined range of acceptable lifestyles.” – Reason

“Even those who gather statistics say there are no reliable numbers on sexual violence in El Salvador. Threats prevent many from reporting attacks. Others who have grown up amid rampant abuse may not even recognize rape as a crime. Still others flee the country for safety rather than seek justice from a system that more often delivers impunity.” – NY Post

“Detroit homeowner Sarah Hamilton wanted to sell her house, but was having some trouble. No, it wasn’t a down seller’s market — it was a squatter.” – The Blaze

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