4 Issues The Media Is Ignoring Because Of #TortureReport

While the media is going full-throttle against the Bush era with the now infamous #TortureReport, here are 4 issues they are subsequently ignoring:

#1: Harry Reid Blames Obamacare For Democrats Failing In Midterm Elections

Outgoing Senate Majority Harry Reid blamed Obamacare today on the giant failure that was the midterm elections for the Democrats. Reid joined Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Here’s what Reid said to the New York Times today.

“We never recovered from the [Obamacare] rollout because the election became one that was directed toward the president. We couldn’t overcome that,” Reid told the New York Times. “I should have seen it coming.”

#2: Millionaires Are Lining Up To Support Hillary Clinton For President

And the media says the Republicans are the party of millionaires and billionaires.

Well that could not be further from the truth, as a new poll surveyed 500 evenly split Democrat and Republican millionaires found that Hillary Clinton is the leading choice for the 2016 presidential race by a 31 percent margin. Following Clinton was Republican Jeb Bush with 18 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who liberals are getting behind, came in with 8 percent in the poll of millionaires. And with Democrat millionaires, Clinton garnered 74 percent.

Why isn’t the media asking why millionaires so badly want Clinton to be president?

#3: Ed Henry Grilling White House On “Moral Authority” As Drone Strikes Kill Innocent People

As Democrats and the White House speak of the ‘moral authority’ that the US has, after the Torture Report was released, the only guy in the media willing to take the Obama administration to task on hypocrisy is Ed Henry.

Henry demanded answers as he asked how the administration could claim “moral authority” when innocent people are killed by drone strikes ordered by the Obama administration. Watch the video here:

#4: Boehner Is Proposing A 1,603 page That Does Not Block Executive Amnesty Immediately

House Speaker John Boehner has proposed a 1,603 page spending bill, which will have to be passed Thursday to keep the government open, that does not immediately cut off President Obama’s authority to enact amnesty for illegal immigrants across the country.

And although conservatives on the House Appropriations Committee have come up with an amendment to tack onto the bill, the amendment will likely never see the light of day.

Boehner says the spending bill’s Department of Homeland Security funding ends in February, that way the new Republican majorities can take up the issue then and come to a consensus, then send the new funding to Obama’s desk.



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