SARGE: Malaise

It’s the 29th of December and the annual case of General Malaise has infected me. It’s left me worried, not about politics or whether the White House will continue its dismantling of America and Obama’s use of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a doormat on which he can scrub his soul (if he has one). It really doesn’t have anything to do with Israel, Iran, Iraq, ISIS, ISIL, Oil, Ukrainian Travail or Putin Puttin’ on the Ritz.

The Cat Fight has begun; that generalized violation of Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Rubio and Paul are already sniping at each other. They’re both so incredibly intelligent; they’re also terminally stupid as they expect the Democrats won’t catalog all of this ammunition for the future presidential battle in 2016.

I suggest (for both): SHUT THE F#$% UP AND SAVE IT FOR THE DEMOCRATS YOU HYPER-EDUCATED MORONS! These two prima-donnas believe they alone have the right to man the helm of America and save it from the shoals of Obaman treachery. That (if it follows its normal course) will ensure the Democrats can attack, in debates, a candidate incapable of representing the Conservative base of the Republican Party. The Democrats will attack any member of the Republican Party more worried about advancing the Republican Party ideology than exercising fiscal responsibility and control. These idiots are representative of specific ideologies: libertarian and republican progressive.

I have no love for Rubio’s Progressive dogma and I have no more for Rand Paul who follows his father’s dogma more than developing thoughts, ideas and suggestions of his own. From his cradle to his political grave if he keeps slamming other conservatives in media ambushes, Rand Paul will be repetitive of his father’s efforts chronicled on video for the last 30 odd years. And many people see that time as a period of Ron Paul’s oddest years.

The 2016 election is for the Republicans to lose; and it appears as though they’re getting an early start in the effort. Mitt Romney is being courted as an elder statesman and seer who couldn’t quite pull it off when confronted by a huckster such as Obama. One must remember: a person (in order to be considered eligible for the presidency) must have a specific guile and cunning necessary to twist reality and suspend his audience’s sense of disbelief. Romney’s a nice guy. Evidently nobody wanted a nice guy. They wanted a charlatan and illusionist capable of making them feel good with the snake oil he peddled rather than help cure the nation’s ills with operable and understandable programs showing fiscal responsibility.

Now, Scott Walker is being shown in courtly prominence as the hierarchy of the Republican Party salivates over a new face that stood up to the Unions and won: twice. He’s a H-E-R-O in their eyes. He has no prominent dirty linen and he’s a genuinely nice guy. Uh-oh!

Then we get to throw in the gaggle of colorful drakes pestering the flock and we see some of the old decoys among the puddle paddlers. Paul Ryan was Romney’s partner and carries the stigma of being a “once ran-then lost”. Mike Huckabee was an also-ran culled before the big show. Ted Cruz is questionable because his father was an émigré to Canada and Cruz was born in Canada. His birth certificate is Canadian and his mother is from Delaware. It’s a major point of contention to draw attention from real issues. It would also brand Republicans as hypocrites after the “birther” controversies leveled at Obama.

Bobby Jindal is a born in America citizen, the child of immigrants from India. He’s so dyed in the wool American he chose to be called “Bobby” after the character in the Brady Bunch TV Show rather than get hung with his real name; Piyush. Piyush isn’t quite All-American “doncha know”. The other thing is he’s spent so much time campaigning for other candidates and raising funds for the Republican Party he’s been alleged to be a real rival to Obama for the title of “Most Often Away From His Desk Politician in any of his Administrations”. Here in Louisiana, we call him “Bullet Point Bobby”. Ask a question and he answers it with a pithy, vague statement. Ask for the answer to the question he didn’t answer a minute ago and he’ll circle back to the previous hackneyed “bullet-point“ answer.

John Kasich (who?) may say he doesn’t want to run but he spends as much time being a Fox News “Contributor” to stay known to America. Subtle, but still obvious I’d say. Marco Rubio as was said has been jogging for the position since 2012. He’s got a nice smile and look like L’il Ricky Ricardo; cute.

Jeb Bush ain’t his brother; or his father and he’s too slick to get a hold on. Dynastic progeny never really interested me and the idea of another Bush/Clinton match-up nauseates me to say the least. Chris Christie is an irreverent, unapologetic, bombastic and sometimes feral lad seeking to be known for being a bully. It’s working. He plays hard-core politics and it has a distinct Jersey flavor to it.

Rick Perry has polished his presentation since he stood babbling to Romney at a debate because he couldn’t remember what he wanted to say. He’s wearing his glasses regularly and should be able to better see his cue-cards on his smart-watch or whatever he uses.

So now we see the prime practitioners of the Political Arts as they appear at the moment. If any of them think about Reagan’s 11th Commandment they’ll start thinking about issues to attack against the Democrats and not hack and slash indiscriminately at their colleagues.

If these dilettantes can get past their selfish desire to rule the world and start thinking about what’s good for the people and the country, everything else will go along with the proper goals.

Thanks for listening



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