SARGE: The Immorality Of War

I don’t understand the so-called immorality of fighting a war with the same intensity and conviction as those who’d wage war against us. This call to stand on a “higher, more moral Plain” and conduct as a nation really disturbs me. I guess it’s because I’ve witnessed man’s barbarism against his fellow man for no better reason than he doesn’t like the way you pray, who you pray to and what you want to result from those prayers. Morality is a concept susceptible to the interpretation of the individual and/or his tribe. Islam differs greatly from Christianity but both have moral codes.

We have journalists asking presidential talking heads to explain their moral authority to wage war using specific tactics while merely paying lip-service to the tactics our enemies use to direct terrorism induced fear and revulsion. Why is a drone strike or waterboarding (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques  – EIT)  morally reprehensible where the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram (and the many subsets of terrorist organization) aren’t allowed to be addressed with the same ferocity and dedication. The leaders make indignant protests that are self-serving and disingenuous at best and a lie in reality.

Throughout history, people have taken Jesus Christ’s statement in Mathew 5:39: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also” and used it as a convenient excuse to place themselves on that higher plain when they personally are in no jeopardy of being slapped.

But for those living under the threat of and within the historic and present reality of conflict and murder, where they witness the killing of their children and communities, it’s a very real and different situation. The personal sting of a slap in the face pales in the presence of your child’s corpse, the death of thousands of innocents killed for no other reason they can’t recite a Qu’ranic tract because it’s unknown to them and the understanding you remain in jeopardy only because you still live is devastating. It creates a desire for vengeance because violence directed at your enemies that matches the ferocity of their attack teaches many they don’t want a repeat of an attack may prove costly to them.

Fools like Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid and any other Republican based sob-sisters agreeing with them, need to understand there are those in this world want to test their moral high ground. They want to assault those vaunted heights and tear apart the community they take shelter in. It’s a shelter won’t stop a bullet or prevent a letter bomb from exploding or a jihadist exploding a bomb beneath a school bus someplace. You can’t negotiate with a person about to decapitate you.

Ghandi and Martin Luther King (and so many others truly believing in the pacifist way of addressing violence in the world) have suffered the murderous, vile, nasty responses leading to their martyrdom. The pacifists, those wanting to disarm the planet and ensure the safety of the human race from its own villainy don’t understand Man is an animal and as such will kill to survive. But unlike any other genus in the animal kingdom, Man will kill to subsist; and he’ll also kill for pleasure. He’ll kill for monetary gain and an elevated position in his tribe or society. He’ll kill to possess what his fellow possesses no matter the perception of gain beyond others. He will kill for the tainted dogma directs his faith. And he will kill to prevent the death of him and his.

The first weapon wasn’t a rock or a club. It was the dawning of murderous intent in the burgeoning but still diminished capacity of pre-historic man. It was the reality of thought being born where this proto-humanity started as man allegedly, (about 5–7 million years ago) evolved into Homo sapiens after “splitting off from their common ancestor the chimpanzee, several species and subspecies of Homo evolved and slowly but surely became man, this man was similar to how we are today all the other subspecies of Homo became extinct”…

(The Stages and Ages of Man on Earth by Johnny Dod)

Chimps and other primates have been studied for years and have been shown to be cannibalistic, killers of their young and destroyers of their communities in efforts to prove survival of the fittest. It’s logical to expect the gene for violence is hard-wired into our genome and nobody’s going to change that. No matter the extent of your sanctimony.

We can aspire to be above the other animals in the kingdom, but there’ll always be an individual will band with others of like thinking and they’ll seek our destruction. We can only stop their efforts by assuring they either don’t want to attack again or ensure they won’t attack again because they’re destroyed as they would destroy others.

It’s a lie to expect anything else from man.

Thanks for listening.



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