The New Communist Revolutionary Narrative In The Wake Of The NYPD Shootings…

A communique from the Workers of the World Party, one of the pro-North Korea leftist outfits spreading anti-American propaganda in pursuit of the “inevitable” Utopia that will come if only capitalism would just fall like Marxists have been predicting for 100 years now, in the wake of the Brooklyn shootings of two police officers by an unhinged Muslim affiliated with a black separatist group…

The New York City Peoples Power Assembly Movement issued this “Don’t let this incident be used to crush the uprising” statement on Dec. 21:

The police have been desperately searching or waiting for some occurrence that they can use as a weapon to crush the most powerful, widespread, national mass uprising against racist police terror and murder since the 1960s.

Until yesterday, the frame-up of activists from #MillionsMarchNYC on Dec. 13 was the weapon. We demand immediate amnesty for those targeted activists accused of the alleged attacks on New York Police Department detectives on the Brooklyn Bridge.

But now, the police — and the powers that be who rule over society and whose interests the police “protect and serve” — have got a much bigger weapon. The killing of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, allegedly by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who afterwards allegedly killed himself in a subway station, is NOW that weapon.

We underscore the word “allegedly” because all we know about what happened is what the police have told us.  And while at the moment we have no information that counters the police story, we always suspect whatever the police say because they lie all the time.

One of the reasons that many of us prefer the strategy of a mass, social and political uprising against the whole system, over individuals targeting police, is because history has shown that more often than not, when people engage in individual, random attacks on police, it’s used by the government, the police and the system to attack the movement with violence baiting, in order to justify ratcheting up repression against the masses.

That said, we also know that anger over police repression and murder is so deep that it should come as no surprise to anyone that somebody would, sooner or later, act on that burning rage. Especially when the so-called justice system demonstrates time after time after time that police can, and do, murder with impunity.

Neither do we forget that 99.9 percent of the violence comes from the police.

So now, NYPD Trutherism.

Tell us again how awful Joe McCarthy was, and how wrong about communists. We’d love to hear it.



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