VIDEO: Motivation To Peddle…Very Fast

So here’s a guy who decides to ride his bike in the woods. Which is cool; biking on a trail through the woods is a good way for you fatties to get some exercise and some fresh air.

But – there’s always a but – along with the exercise and the fresh air there’s nature in the woods. And take it from me, ’cause I know a lot about this, nature ain’t a good thing. Nature is turrible. Nature isn’t Bambi; nature is Jaws. It’s The Grey. It’s Ghost and the Darkness.

Nature is a big-ass bear running at you at full speed while you peddle your bike as fast as you can an’ pray you don’t get ripped limb from limb.

Lucky for us, we can watch him do it from the safety of our computers thanks to YouTube and GoPro.

So watch this – and stay inside.

Yeah, sure it’s fake. You can tell that. But still.



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