WHAT? 3 Questionable Quotes From Mary Landrieu During Tonight’s Final Debate

#1: ‘Obamacare is working.’


Landrieu appears to still stand by Obamacare, even though Louisiana voters are largely against the healthcare overhaul. But, besides that, Obamacare is not working, as Landrieu asserts. We’ve reported here time and time again about how premiums are rising by double digits and individuals are being forced off their previous plans.

#2: “When I get back to the Senate, we will pass the Keystone Pipeline!” 

The issue here is that Landrieu has failed repeatedly to get the legislation up for a vote on the Senate floor, even though she says she has tons of “clout” as the Senate Energy Chairwoman. But now that the Republicans will control the House and Senate, it is a no-brainer Landrieu could get the Keystone Pipeline passed. She simply fails to mention that it would be passed with no help from her political party.

#3: Landrieu’s claim that she ‘falls more under the pro-choice label.’ 

This is rich coming from Landrieu considering she has a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record since 2008. Landrieu has long claimed to be personally pro-life, but when it comes to her voting record, she’s all pro-choice, no if, ands or buts. Landrieu also mentioned that she has never promoted abortion. However, she’s voted pro-choice, therefore promoting abortion. That is like saying, ‘I voted for Obamacare, but I’m not promoting it.’



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