Did You Hear What California Is Doing To Fight Global Warming?

Good ‘ole California, a liberal dreamland, has imposed a tax on top of an already existing tax in an effort to combat global warming.

You heard that correct. California politicians have decided that the best way to get rid of global warming is to tax a tax. Residents of California will soon pay a global warming tax on top of the already existing gasoline tax.

But, calling it what it is, a tax, would be the truth and that’s not what California state officials are about. Instead, they’re billing the tax as a “fee” by gas retailers, even though the tax will actually be the gas consumers problem. Here’s the number breakdown:

The global warming tax adds about 10 cents a gallon to wholesale gas prices and 12 cents to diesel prices, reports the Union-Tribune. But with gas prices down about one dollar from last year, few residents have noticed the global warming fee being added to their gas bills.

Already, California residents pay 77 cents per gallon extra because of taxes and fees. Now, the global warming tax on gasoline will add 2.25 percent to the price of gas.

This comes just as California Gov. Jerry Brown wants to get 50 percent of the state’s energy from green materials instead if from oil. Brown has said that he’d like to see the state’s use of petroleum cut in half in the next 15 years. Brown and other California officials said global warming taxes like these will get more people off gas and onto green energy.



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