HOLTON: Complicity And The Difference It Makes

Once again we saw today in Paris that Jihadists cannot and will not tolerate free speech and free expression.

In fact, under Islamic law (Shariah), there is no freedom of speech or freedom of expression. Since the goal of all individuals and groups involved in the global Jihadist movement is to impose Shariah, it should not be a surprise that they react violently over and over to Western civilization exercising free expression.

But what we must confront is how Western weakness has encouraged the violence culminating in the attack in Paris today.

First, the media itself is complicit.

The proper response to threats from Jihadis over the Mohammed cartoons as far back as ten years ago should have been for EVERY Western magazine and newspaper to publish the cartoons. Had such a response occurred in the first place, who would the Jihadis have targeted? Our cowardly, corrupt, Leftist media isolated a few of their own and sentenced them to death by Jihad under the guise of disgraceful political correctness.

We all know damn well that had a Christian organization threatened a boycott or lawsuit over some insult directed at Jesus Christ, the media would have ignored the threat.

And therein lies the difference between Islam and all other faiths.

If you satirize Jesus, Christians may protest or even boycott your business. If you satirize Mohammed, your life is in danger. This has been plain to Westerners since  1988 when the Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the killing of author Salmen Rushdie for slandering the prophet Mohammed.

Of course, constitutionally protected free speech is meaningless if the government is derelict in protecting it by excusing the behavior of those intent on ending it. And the current administration has a shameful record  when it comes to protecting free speech.

This was drawn to our attention most forcefully when they fraudulently blamed the September 11, 2012 Jihadist attack on US diplomatic personnel in Benghazi, Libya on a video about Mohammed.

Their cynical reaction in that case makes them complicit in what happened in Paris today.

Here is what President Obama had to say at the time in a speech before the UN General Assembly:

His wording in that segment is very important. Obama used the term “slander.” Under Shariah, slander has a very different meaning compared to Western uses of the term. Under Shariah, slander is literally defined as saying anything to or about a Muslim that he would not like.

Criticizing those who “slander” Mohammed is the ultimate surrender of free speech.

But it got worse. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton echoed these same sentiments when she dismissed concerns about falsely blaming the Benghazi attack on the Mohammed video:

And now we come full circle.

It makes a difference. It makes a huge difference.  Because when we do not stand up for freedom, the enemy is emboldened.



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