Why Martin Luther King Jr. Would Reject Al Sharpton Today

If Martin Luther King Jr. were around today, he would greatly disapprove of the current self-appointed leader of the black community, Rev. Al Shaprton, and here is why:

Martin Luther King Jr. was a proponent of peaceful protest, constantly giving speeches and encouraging blacks to protest in peace. King condemned violence, as did his followers who were often times brutally beaten for their peaceful protests.

Al Sharpton on the other hand, is the farthest from peaceful. Sharpton does a very successful job of enraging the black community on race issues, rather than compelling followers to peacefully push for change.

Alveda King, MLK’s niece, recently said that Sharpton was nothing like her uncle in the sense that he insighted violence following the Ferguson, Missouri racial debate.

“You can go in and stir up violence and then say you’re the solution to the violence,” King said in criticizing the New York civil-rights activist who became a vocal ally of Brown’s family after the Aug. 9 shooting.

“Well, if you can stir it up, how are you going to solve it?” said King, alluding to the latest chaos in Ferguson, where businesses were burned and looted on Monday night.

“So, to stir up violence and to say ‘no justice, no peace’ when Michael Brown’s own parents said let’s have peace and justice, let’s resolve this peacefully, let’s get solutions — the best way to honor Michael Brown is, honestly, to agree with his parents,” said King.

“I’m not saying necessarily that they, on purpose, want people to be violent and kill people,” King said of Brown family supporters, including Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. “I’m not saying that. But when you stir up people’s emotions rather than invite them to their knees and pray, you are more likely to get violence.”

Also, King was a nonpartisan civil rights leader who did not blame political parties and, if anything, encouraged the black community and his followers to be above the political system.

And King, unlike Sharpton, did not blanket-ly blame every single issue or divide in the country on race. He was responsible when it came to labeling race issues.

Sharpton, oppositely, is not nonpartisan whatsoever. Sharpton has his own show on MSNBC and almost always blames Republicans for race issues in the country. King was not a shill for the Democrats, many actually believe he was a Republican.

Sharpton, though, fundraises, praises and shills for Democrats any chance he gets.

Moreover, Sharpton is a widespread race-baiter, making every issue that faces Americans and the US Congress about race, which de-legitimizes true race issues. Whether it be Obamacare, voting with an ID or criticizing President Obama, Sharpton always makes the issue about race.

King would and never did try to turn every issue into a racial divide. If he were here today, he’d take serious issue with the way Sharpton represents the black community.



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