SARGE: Beware The Jawbone Of An Ass

Disbelief is where it starts. Then frustration takes its place to be followed by anger. Anger is harnessed to irritation and annoyance leading finally to infuriation only to degrade to a condition known as depression.

That’s where I sit after the last, mid-term election. It was supposed to be where conservatism would displace Marxist liberalism. The election from the given selection of “statesmen” (and women) of conservative and thus, fundamentally more fiscally and politically “responsible” was supposed to infuse the Senate with greater wisdom and clarity of thought where it pertained to the conduct of the Legislature.

The dream has become a recurrent nightmare.

The Mule Train pulled by partisan asses has been placed in traces, fueled with a feed antagonistic to their health and whip-lashed by mule-skinners set to travel the time worn path from the played out mine Washington D.C. has become.

The people were told of the great wealth to come. But this treasure trove is worth no than a bucket of spit and the intestinal droppings of the lead mule along the trail. Counterfeit “fiat currency” takes the place of prosperity and affluence. The American Dream has become a duplicitously constructed charade played out and the winner takes home despair.

John Boehner is doing no more than placing the Democrats in a position he was placed in months ago. The threat exists the government will shut-down if immediate action isn’t taken to give Obama what he wants in the form of Immigration Reform. The Republicans now say if it does shut down; it’ll be the left side of the aisle responsible.

So what will we do? Oh dear! The veterans will again be inconvenienced and forced to move barriers to see and attend outdoor national monuments. The bureaucracy will be forced to attend to their work without pay until one side or the other wets its silk undies and capitulates. The Democrats won’t quit; they care nothing about the people. They want to show how people force government to stumble, fall and jeopardize the governmental team carrying the highly unpleasant defecation being sold as nourishment for what they again, someday hope to sell as food for thought.

Who cares if the government shuts down? The difference between the operative state and the dysfunctional and inactive state of government is indiscernible. The “working” model is as plodding and non-conducive to good governance as the inattentive and furloughed bureaucratic officiousness of a working class knowing nothing about the faith we place in them to accomplish good. They’re only required to show up for work (or not) because their productivity is suspect and best and nonexistent at worst.

We were promised a magnificent team of Clydesdales pulling a brilliantly decorated wagon filled with hope and purpose.

We got a broken down team of asses pulling a swill (garbage) cart stinking up our environment and spilling disease on the street.

Thanks Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi and Stoyer. You’ve done it again. You’ve driven a mule team of broke-back mules dragging our government along a beaten path until the team finally dies once and for all. As you make a grand show of what you’ve done as required by “the Constitution” you play the game where the mule-skinner keeps trying to get us to see Clydesdales.

It’s no longer working. A dead ass is a dead ass and you’re not going to prove otherwise. We’ve been beaten with the jawbones of dead asses.

Enough is enough.

Thanks for listening.



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