Karen Carter Peterson Brings A Bill To Degrade The Electorate (Included: This Week’s Afterburner)

First, we’ll start with Bill Whittle’s latest from PJ Media, in which he discusses the various Democrat attempts to trash the voter pool, most prominently among them Barack Obama’s insane proposal to institute mandatory voting and other proposals to lower the voting age to allow children to vote…

We include Whittle’s contribution in this post because here in Louisiana we’re seeing the same phenomenon of Democrats attempting to diminish the quality of the voter pool courtesy of a bill brought by state senator and Louisiana Democrat Party chair Karen Carter Peterson that would automatically register to vote anyone who gets a driver’s license.

This isn’t the same thing as forcing the rather unmotivated workers at DMV locations across the state to harangue the long-suffering and impatient customers at those offices about voter registration; that’s current federal law courtesy of the Motor Voter bill and it was the subject of Eric Holder’s asinine and so far fruitless lawsuit against Louisiana, in which the state was registering voters at government offices with what Holder deemed insufficient gusto in recent years.

But Louisiana ranks among the highest states when it comes to voter registration and has done so for quite some time, and one reason why Holder’s lawsuit hasn’t gone anywhere in particular is that when you’re above 80 percent in voter registration you’ve largely registered everyone who’s interested in voting.

But within that universe the Democrat Party in this state can’t seem to find enough people they can persuade to vote in order to win elections or in many cases even to be competitive. The state’s most informed and engaged voters are, these days, predominantly Republican voters and conservative Republican voters at that, and the general rule has been and still is that the lower the turnout in a given election the more conservative the electorate.

So if you can’t convince the people who vote that your policies and candidates are better, you attempt to manufacture a new electorate.

Peterson’s bill would do the following

 C. The Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall transmit quarterly to the secretary of state a list of noncommercial drivers over the age of eighteen licensed in the state. Those not registered from that list will be registered by the secretary of state in the official voter rolls and the secretary of state shall send to each individual a postcard indicating their registration. The postcard will include an option to indicate a political party affiliation and an option to decline registration.

Meaning if you get your driver’s license renewed you go in the voter file that all the direct-mail vendors use to blast out campaign material. Everybody who’s registered to vote already gets that stuff, but if after all the effort put in to get you to register to vote you still refuse to do it, forcing you to accept a mountain of junk mail just because you got a driver’s license would probably rank as an inconvenience for you.

Not to mention they’ve just done this in Oregon, and as people there sift through the ramifications of what has been done the horror of it is mounting. Those postcards going out every quarter are practically open invitations for electoral fraud in neighborhoods where political sophistication and engagement aren’t the greatest. How many addresses are going to be correct where college kids are concerned, for example, and how much damage can be done in an apartment complex full of college students?

A responsible public official would consider the chaos of automatic voter registration as a hazard to honest elections and conclude it’s simply not worth the trouble. But Karen Carter Peterson isn’t a responsible public official, as we already know.



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