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“Jamie D. Croom, the man accused of fatally shooting a deputy U.S. Marshal in north Baton Rouge on Tuesday morning, has died. Croom, 31, died sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at a local hospital after being shot during ‘an exchange of gunfire’ with authorities who were trying to arrest him on allegations that he fatally shot a pair of siblings several weeks ago outside a New Roads nightclub, law enforcement authorities said.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Seven Marines assigned to U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command were on board a Louisiana Army National Guard UH-60 aircraft that was involved in a training mishap last night at approximately 8:30 p.m. near Eglin, Florida. Search and rescue efforts are currently underway at the site of the accident. Names of the aircrew and Marines on board are being withheld while the search and rescue mission is underway.” – Marines.mil

“The news was stunning, like a lightning bolt to your backyard out of Tuesday’s lead gray skies. Jimmy Graham, the Saints’ superstar tight end/wide receiver/hybrid SUV, whatever you want to call him, had been traded to the Seattle Seahawks.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — who has tried to stand out in a crowded presidential field with strident attacks on President Obama’s foreign policy — issued a call Tuesday for ‘all potential presidential candidates’ to sign on to a letter written by GOP senators to the government of Iran.” – Washington Post

“The LSU Athletic Department has charged the group sponsoring Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally held in January a total of $29,161 for holding the event on its Baton Rouge campus.” – NOLA.com

“CATS Chief Executive Bob Mirabito issued an apology late Tuesday afternoon for his controversial statements in an interview suggesting some people were avoiding the parish’s bus system because of racial prejudice against the predominantly black staff. The statement came just hours after CATS Board President Donna Collins-Lewis called on Mirabito to issue an apology.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“With little fanfare beyond its marshy borders, there is a fight going on for the soul of Plaquemines Parish, and a major battle in that conflict is set to take place this Thursday.” – WWL-TV

“A team of economists that has been studying the state’s taxing structure said Tuesday Louisiana legislators could raise $800 million immediately by raising the tax on cigarettes, partially rolling back inventory taxes, and stopping the practice of allowing taxpayers to write off their federal deductions on state returns.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“In my 19 years I have served, this is going to be the most contentious session that I’ve ever served in,” Morrish said. “It’s not going to be easy because we have had deficits over the past six years. But we’ve used every plug, every bell and whistle, and turned over the couches and dug for money between the cushions to balance the budget but there’s none left.” – Lake Charles American Press

“LSU quarterbacks Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris met with the media Tuesday after the second spring practice, each determined to put distance between themselves and last season. Both also spoke of 2015 with optimism and confidence, and how much they expect to improve as they battle once again for the starting job.” – NOLA.com


“Hillary Rodham Clinton is an ancient presidential candidate. Not age-wise. Attitude-wise. Staggered by self-inflicted wounds, the former secretary of State faced a choice between the right way and wrong way to manage a public-relations crisis in the post-Internet era, when the 1990s tactics of deflection, deception, and victimization are far less effective. She chose the wrong way.” – Ron Fournier/National Journal

“My friend Dave refers to Hillary Clinton as America’s ex-wife. Her press conference yesterday proved him right. The dirty little secret of the Clinton regime is that the press adored Bill Clinton. He was a McDonalds eating, womanizing man whore, who could chit chat on anything, tell a joke that’d make you blush, and then get back to work. And the fraternal press corps loved it. Hillary, on the other hand, though supposedly adored by those close to her, comes across as the cold hearted ex-wife no one much wants to be around.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

Things are bad for Hillary and this is before we hear more of Bill and Jeffrey Epstein and Huma’s emails, Saudi donations, missing hard drives and God know’s what else. I think it’s at least possible at this point that not too many weeks down the road Hillary will suddenly develop “health issues” and not run at all.” – Roger L. Simon/PJ Media

Venezuela had a good run of it for about five minutes there, at least in public-relations terms. When petroleum prices were booming, all it took was a few gallons of heating oil from Hugo Chávez to buy the extravagant praise of House members, with Representative Chaka Fattah (D., Philadelphia) issuing statements praising Venezuela’s state-run oil company ‘and the Venezuelan people for their benevolence.’ Lest anybody feel creeped out by running political errands for a brutal and repressive caudillo, Joseph Kennedy — son of Senator Robert Kennedy — proclaimed that refusing the strongman’s patronage would be ‘a crime against humanity.’ Kennedy was at the time the director of Citizens Energy, which had a contract to help distribute that Venezuelan heating oil — Boss Hugo was a brute, but he understood American politics.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

Who’s closer to having committed treason, a guy who issues a press release reciting basic constitutional divisions of power or a guy who’s determined to give a terrorist state known for proclaiming ‘death to America’ a 10-year path to uranium enrichment?” – Hot Air

“Politico is reporting that President Obama knowingly corresponded with then–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via the latter’s private e-mail address. That does not necessarily mean Obama knew Clinton was systematically flouting administration rules and federal record-keeping law. It does, however, mean he and administration officials had to know she was conducting official business over non-secure, non-government e-mail — even in communicating with the president of the United States; even though the White House claims Obama, as his top aide Valerie Jarrett puts it, ‘has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems;’ and even though the president and the State Department forced the resignation of Obama’s ambassador to Kenya, in part over his use of private e-mail to conduct government business.” – Andrew McCarthy/National Review

“The Chairman was unaware that organizers of this event intended to feature or even mention Benghazi,” a spokesperson for Gowdy told Mediaite. “He has not raised money using Benghazi, and will not speak about Benghazi at fundraising events. Having been made aware of this group’s plan, he no longer will be participating in the event.” – Kevin Boyd/Rare.us

“After an unprecedented response, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has temporarily pulled its proposal to ban common AR-15 M855 ‘green tip’ ammunition.” – Townhall

“Several unions filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of a recent Wisconsin law which bans mandatory union dues as a condition of employment.” – Daily Caller

“A federal jury found Tuesday that the 2013 hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ infringed on the Marvin Gaye chart-topper ‘Got to Give It Up,’ awarding nearly $7.4 million to Gaye’s children.” – LA Times



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