SARGE: Quit Messin’ With It

I told y’all a couple of weeks ago I was advised rage was no longer a good sale to the American public. I must agree the age of “everything fatigue” has taken over the American thought process to the point where it seems like anything and everything we speak of makes us yawn. And that’s a shame because those most responsible for the problems facing our nation can work three shifts, 24/7 to hammer holes in the dike keeping them at bay.

Those wanting the American landscape to be reminiscent of the time when patriotism was energized from the roots of grain to the virgin skies devoid of pollutants so as to give promise to each new generation, are being stripped of that dream. Now people like those in office presently want to establish their liberal dogma and socialist twaddle as the basis of the New World Order they alone feel they can direct the course of American prosperity by stealing the savings and paychecks of those who work to redistribute it to those who don’t.

That’s a bunch of garbage. (I’m not allowed to call it s#it. Too indelicate don’t you know.)

I was once allowed to think freely without being accosted by some nut thinking because he has a degree issued by a group of equally egotistical moon-bats practicing self-absorption he could challenge me with theory and expect acquiescence to his way of thinking because he possessed the “degree”. So I went out and got a Master’s Degree so as to argue points with mental midgets seeking to stand on the shoulders of the greats they only held a passing knowledge of from sitting in a classroom and enduring the drone of parasites living off of the educational system.

Because of this inbreeding of the social gnomes dedicated to the impregnation of fertile minds seeking to gestate and be delivered of their ignorance we now have a burgeoning class of dumb basses taking over the body politic. These drones, impotent and incapable of salient or rational thoughts of their own, parrot the babble taught them for their personal gain. Hence they show they’re morally bereft of any significant principles other than to get along they must go along with the herd.

The only thing I ever saw indicating the passage of the herd was the fecal droppings they left behind for others to walk gingerly around rather than get that crap all over everything.

Now it’s not cool to enjoy the benefits of our ancestors’ efforts and work ethic. Now it’s acceptable to sit with one’s hand out so those who labor can drop the necessary money to feed those who won’t labor.

That sucks. And, it will not change until we, as a nation of silent and wordless malcontents, recognize we DO NOT have to accept the crap politicians are feeding us.

Take heart. Attend a town hall meeting. When you catch a politician being irresolute or wishy-washy; tell him or her how you feel. When you catch them in a lie call; them on it. When they show they’re in it for themselves and their personal enrichment; let them know they’re YOUR employees and not the other way around.

Confrontation for the purpose of exercising your liberty and rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is acceptable. And, I’d say it’s essential if we wish to avoid becoming the same type of drones attacking our basic rights as American citizens. They’re stripping us of our right to move America forward as an exceptional model of self-government and not the flaccid derelicts they see us as seeking to be carried across every finish line.

There’s a line crossed by every steer when the gate is slammed behind him and he’s dispatched to be slaughtered and packaged as the food product he’s recognized as and no more. This is the path big government sees you as following if you’ll have any use for the state as an entity.

This nation is exceptional no matter what that idiot Obama has to say. It is the gleaming city on the hill, the Camelot expected and shown to be all that is good and righteous about a people and those who are wise enough to practice the exceptional tasks of their ancestors.

This is AMERICA Obama; not some banana republic you can socialize because your Marxist, Communist parents saw it as corrupt and evil.

AMERICA is good. Now quit messin’ with it or you’ll get the revolution you don’t want.

Thanks for listening.



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