SARGE: The Old School Tie

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend who is a higher-up in the Louisiana Republican Party. I got on his case concerning the tactical; and political operation Republicans put forth to project conservative values and positions on national and foreign policy. I think I hurt his feelings because he said something to the tune of: “Sarge you have to remember I’m at the state level of the Republican Party. I have nothing to do with the direction of the national party.”

That’s disturbing in the sense it appears there are 50 individual Republican Parties having little to no coordination between them and the national hierarchy. This really explains why there’s NO real coordination between grass roots conservatives and the Progressive Republicans. An image comes to mind of a political/ecclesiastical flow chart of self-serving successive ranks or orders of sycophantic bootlickers each waiting his/her time to ascend to their personal level of incompetence.

Just look at Mitch McConnell and John Boehner as examples.

These people have the ability to stay organized within an otherwise totally disorganized and chaotic structure assuring they stay in power. This rock-solid foundation of personal greed for power assures nobody can challenge them because, like King Henry II, when discussing his problems with Thomas Becket is alleged to have said: ”who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” Then the king’s men banded together to murder Becket to please the king.

The slavish minions band together to promote or destroy the malefactors and discontents in the ranks. Nothing appeals to the sensibilities of a rigid political theocracy of ordained government than the fact one little lemming must follow the others until they fall from the cliff in time.

The bad part of all of this is in the fact the right to representative government is slaughtered, as was Becket. The chance of personal freedom is diminished because citizens have elected officials claiming one course of action when there’s no true effort to help those placed them in power. Only the lords and ladies of the clown princes’ courts are permitted to advance socially and personally.

Republicans have made careers by sticking with this disorganized, occasionally frenzied approach to attempted governance when placed against the clearly better organized efforts of the Democrats under the leadership of the likes of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. The Republicans are bush-league poseurs where the Democrats show (from an organizational sense) they’re commanders of the playing field. It’s akin to a professional football team going up against a little league squad. The Republicans get totally outclassed and severely bloodied every time.

So, if you really need to understand why conservatives have no chance of expanding their foundation in national government, it’s because they have no voice in the hierarchy. They’re quashed, suppressed and challenged by the like of McCain, Graham, Boehner and McConnell. Their efforts are nullified by the entrenched never going over the top because it’s the way they’ve always fought battles for personal political gain. They show they’re thinking “to hell with the needs of their constituents. I’ve got my safety to watch out for now”.

The members of the fraternity signified by the “old school tie” have shown it’s about them; not us.

Maybe it’s time to take that “old school tie” and either use it as a tourniquet to staunch the flow of this vitriolic disdain for anybody endangers their command of the stage. Or maybe it’s time to take that “old school tie”, recognize what it is and use it as a noose to strangle them.

You decide which. The fact is, the carrion eaters will gorge themselves on somebody after the act.

Will it be you; or them?

Thanks for listening.



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