Ted Cruz Vs The Liberal Elitists

Scott McKay had a short, but good post about the sneering from the anti-Cuban bigots liberal elitists at the New Yorker calling Ted Cruz “uppity.” It’s just the latest in a series of attacks on Cruz by his “betters” in the liberal elite and the RINO establishment (okay, I’m being redundant).

The elitists are also attacking Ted Cruz’s music choices. He said that he became a country music fan after 9/11 because he didn’t like how rock musicians responded to it and he feels more emotionally connected to it.

Instead of just leaving those remarks for what they are, his personal opinion. Salon felt obliged to attack Cruz. They attacked him as a sexist, bloodthirsty, promoter of drunk driving or something.

I think this tweet from yours truly sums up how silly this country music business is.

The political and media elites have been in a meltdown since the weekend. California Governor Jerry Brown called Cruz “unfit” for office. Jennifer Rubin, the allegedly conservative blogger at the Washington Post, called Cruz “delusional.” Another member of the RINO establishment, Rep. Peter King, let’s just say wasn’t thrilled about the idea of a Cruz candidacy.

Other members of the liberal elite have been throwing around the world “electability” to discredit Cruz. This is the same justification for pushing Mitt Romney in 2012 and will be the justification for pushing Jeb Bush in 2016. What that means is the elite want one of their own in the race. In a Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush race, they win either way.

Ted Cruz and to an extent Scott Walker and Rand Paul, frighten the elite. They connect with the average American in a way Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton could only dream of. Cruz and Paul in particular are pushing policies to actually shrink the size of government and empower ordinary Americans.

I think these attacks are going to backfire. They will draw Americans closer to Ted Cruz. The liberal elite may not like the fact that Ted Cruz is a fighter, but most Americans can respect Cruz’s willingness to fight for his beliefs, even if they disagree with them.

I’m not endorsing Ted Cruz, but I think these attacks on him are really quite silly. If you disagree with his policies, that’s one thing. Attacking the man’s character and music tastes is another thing entirely.



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