VIDEO: Chris Wallace Grills Scott Walker

This, from Fox News Sunday, may be one of the more interesting political interviews we’ve seen in some time. Wallace isn’t one to pull punches no matter who he’s interviewing and he doesn’t give Walker any quarter. But the Wisconsin governor seems to be able to handle himself amid tough questions – flat-out admitting that he has changed his position on immigration, going from a pro-amnesty stance to now demanding the border be brought under control before any accomodation can be made for illegals. He also tackles the question of what he said at CPAC about preparing to handle ISIS by facing down 100,000 union protesters in Wisconsin, among other things.

It’s an interesting 13 minutes, and it doesn’t come off as an interview with someone unprepared to be a candidate for president. That’s the narrative we’ve been hearing in the past few days because of Walker’s refusal to give standard answers to “gotcha” questions, and it’s nonsense – Jeb Bush is neglecting to include the repeal of Obamacare as one of his top five priorities despite the overwhelming desire among Republicans and a majority support for its repeal throughout the electorate, and somehow he’s ready to be the GOP nominee?



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