Low Popahirum, April 8, 2015


“Gomez-Walker said St. Charles Parish school system has been working collectively with the Sheriff’s Office, parish government and other school superintendents to oppose eliminating the inventory tax credit, which Gov. Bobby Jindall has targeted to deal with a projected $1.6 billion budget shortfall.” — St. Charles Herald Guide

“That is why state Rep. Julie Stokes introduced a new bill that would make it a crime to post naked photos of someone online without their consent.” — WWL-TV

“State Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Bossier City, confirmed Tuesday (April 7) that he would dropping some controversial language from a religious freedom bill he filed last week. ” — Times-Picayune

“People can file complaints against businesses ignoring the new smoking ban by filling out a complaint form or calling the city’s non-emergency 311 hotline.” —Times-Picayune

“Mayor Kip Holden this morning confirmed the Miss USA pageant will be returning to Baton Rouge this summer, according to a report in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. Holden made the unexpected announcement at a press conference this morning, at which he was expected to discuss litter.” —The Advocate

“An Abita news release said Enjoy Beer was formed to create partnerships with top craft brewers who wish to preserve their local independence, while gaining shared resources in areas such as distribution, sales, marketing and logistical expertise. It said those resources are necessary to compete with large corporate competitors.” —The Advocate

“The leaders of the House and Senate transportation committees have filed a bill that would increase Louisiana’s gasoline tax by 4 cents per gallon — about $120 million per year.” —The Advocate

“A coalition of health advocacy groups threw their support Tuesday behind a legislative effort to raise the tax on cigarettes by $1.18 per pack.” —The Advocate

“Claudetteia Love, a Carroll High School student and the subject of a national civil rights debate, has official permission to attend the prom on April 24, wearing a tuxedo as she wanted, but she’s not sure she will go.” —Shreveport Times

“As the state Department of Education’s contract with Data Recognition Corporation expires July 1, it will seek bid proposals for a vendor to provide a new test that is unique to Louisiana but with results that can be compared to other states, White said. The new tests would replace PARCC, the Common-Core aligned tests for math and English implemented this year, and LEAP that tests science and social studies.” —Shreveport Times


“South Carolina Senator Tim Scott tweeted tonight about the horrific shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston. The video shows Officer Michael Slager shooting Scott eight times as he’s running away, and after watching it, Senator Scott shared his thoughts on the matter:” –Mediaite

“It turns out, Erdely may have been guilty of the same journalistic errors she committed in reporting the UVA rape story on at least one other rape story that garnered national attention at the time. The story in question was published in 2013 and was titled “The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer.”” –RedState

Welcome to the arena, Senator Paul. Good luck. I cannot wait to hear your vision for the future and hope to see you at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta.” –RedState

“63 events and 38 states was the final count for the nationwide “Liberty Karaoke” event Tuesday where droves of Rand Paul supporters came to show their support – or even sing their support – on the day of Sen. Rand Paul’s announcement to run for President of the United States.” –Rare

“But there’s one advantage that Paul has over almost all his rivals: geography. Right now he’s one of only three candidates polling in the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire, according to Real Clear Politics. After that Paul is lagging badly in Nevada, but expect him to make up ground there—his father Ron won the lion’s share of Nevada’s delegates in 2012. Then comes South Carolina, likely to be a Jeb win.” –Rare

“Ted Cruz’s presidential effort is getting into the shock-and-awe fundraising business.

An associate of the Texas senator, a recently announced presidential candidate, tells Bloomberg that a cluster of affiliated super-political action committees was formed only this week, and among them they are expected to have $31 million in the bank by Friday.” –Bloomberg

“Guthrie, speaking to the Kentucky senator a day after he declared himself a presidential candidate, asked him about issues that he had appeared to change his opinion on, including whether the U.S. should continue to provide aid to Israel and whether or not Iran is a threat. As she was asking the question, Paul interrupted her, but Guthrie finished asking the question.” –Bloomberg

“Chicago’s runoff election has been decided with Mayor Rahm Emanuel winning his first re-election bid after losing February’s general, suffering early close returns, and enduring a race that often broke down on racial lines.” –Breitbart

“This should be self-evident. No one should have to explain to Jeb Bush that he cannot wake up one morning and decide to adopt an immutable characteristic. No one had to explain that to Mitt Romney, whose father actually was Mexican, yet his son never exploited that fact to look cool among his peers or attract Latino voters’ attention.” –Breitbart

“Sadly, that is the new message from “inclusive” America. If you don’t want to cater, photograph, preside over, sell pizza at, sell flowers to or otherwise participate in a gay wedding, you will be punished. If you don’t want your business to pay for a kind of birth control that you consider murder, you will pay fines until your business is bankrupt.” –John Stossel at Townhall



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