Senior Citizens Hold Press Conference To Promote Bill To Stop Big Solar’s Predatory Practices

The organization 60 Plus Association held a press conference at the state capitol to discuss SB 214, which is a bill that would mandate solar companies disclose that they’re registered with the Public Service Commission, have a contractor’s license, how much electricty they can expect to be generated, how much the system costs, what rebates and tax credit they’re eligible for, etc. The bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Ronnie Johns (R-Lake Charles) was also on hand.

Baton Rouge, LA – Senator Ronnie Johns joined Apryl Marie Fogel, Southeast Regional Director of the 60 Plus Association, to discuss the proposed Solar User Rights and Disclosures Act. This bill lays out important steps of transparency as well as a structured complaint system that places the complaints in the hands of the agency best suited for addressing them. Seniors throughout Louisiana would benefit from these important consumer protections.

“We are honored to be joined by Senator Johns today to support his effort to protect Louisiana seniors through the proposed Solar User Rights and Disclosures Act. Senator Johns is a champion of the consumer and this bill is an important step in making sure that seniors, who have been among the demographics increasingly targeted by bad actors in the solar industry, have all of the information needed to make a decision on the purchase and installation of solar energy panels,” said Apryl Marie Fogel, Southeast Regional Director of the 60 Plus Association.

Senator Ronnie Johns said, “I’m proud to sponsor SB 214 on behalf of the consumers of our state.  This piece of legislation is a very positive step to provide protections to all consumers who choose to utilize solar energy.  While there are some very consumer conscious solar companies, there are also many that have left the citizens of our state with problems and many unanswered questions.  This legislation will provide a mechanism to file a complaint with a regulatory body and allow that regulator to investigate and take proper action on behalf of the consumer.   Let me assure everyone that this legislation will not affect any solar tax credits nor will it make it more difficult to acquire solar energy.  It strictly will provide the proper protection that every consumer deserves.”

Fogel concluded echoing Senator John’s statement saying, “This bill should not be seen as a barrier to access of solar but a bill that promotes transparency and accountability across the board. The solar industry benefits when the bad actors that pray on seniors and the vulnerable are properly weeded out. That is why the industry should support this bill as well.”

Big Solar and its front groups are going to war against SB 214. The Sierra Club of Louisiana calls it a part of the “attack on residential solar.” West Coast-based TUSK America called it “big government regulation.”

It’s telling that Big Solar is going to war in defense of their predatory practices. Research has shown that for many people, installing solar panels does not make financial sense. The solar lease terms often include payments that gradually increase and are often secure by a lien on the homeowner’s property. The ones who often fall victim to these predatory scams are senior citizens.

Kudos to Senator Johns for standing with Louisiana’s consumers against the predator welfare queens of Big Solar.



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