Why Is LSU’s Student ‘Tiger TV’ Pretending That Hillary Clinton Is A Social Media Pioneer?

Apparently, 2016 presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton is a social media guru. At least that is the narrative Louisiana State University’s (LSU) student “Tiger TV,”, is pushing.

Since Clinton announced her campaign through a Youtube video, rather than holding a speech and then posting it online, Tiger TV is building the former Secretary of State up to be a presidential candidate who is using social media like no one else.

Tiger TV posted a video discussing Clinton’s campaign. Watch it here:

Clinton, though, is no pioneer of social media, nor is she popular with millennials.

First off, as Erick Erickson pointed out this week, Clinton’s releasing a campaign video instead of holding a speech is nothing new. Former President Ronald Reagan did it back in the late 1970’s.

If anyone in the 2016 presidential race is a pioneer of social media, it is undoubtedly Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Paul’s campaign has been posting videos to Youtube for weeks now.

But, Youtube is almost like the ancient years compared to current social media trends. Which is why Paul created a Snapchat account to reach millennials who are addicted to the mobile app.

And, not to mention, Paul’s online campaign through the use of identity-targeted social media icons like “Catholic for Rand” and “African-American for Rand” is unlike any other presidential campaign’s.

Tiger TV, however, acts as if Clinton is on the cusp of greatness with her one, little Youtube video announcing her candidacy.

What Tiger TV did not mention was the report that was just released this week which found that “Some 2 million of her 3.6 million Twitter ‘followers’ are non-responsive accounts that apparently exist only to plump up Clinton’s social media profile, and over 544,000 of them are clearly fake. Plus, 46,000 of her Facebook ‘likes’ turned out to be coming from Baghdad, Iraq.”

Also, the report does not mention Clinton’s horribly boring campaign logo, which has been criticized on a national scale since she released the image to spear-head her campaign.

Tiger TV is not fooling anyone. Clinton is a public figure who represents the political campaigns of the past. Nothing new and innovative about it.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story labelled all of LSU’s student media as part of the Daily Reveille. However, the Daily Reveille and Tiger TV are separate entities at the university. 



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