Donna Brazile Is Not An Adult And Cannot Watch TV Without Psychiatric Care

At least that’s the conclusion we have to come to after Brazile joined the cacophony of cultural Leftists who are ablaze with outrage over the end of Sunday’s Game Of Thrones episode on HBO, in which one of the more sympathetic characters was raped on her wedding night.

Missouri’s senior senator Claire McCaskill took to Twitter to gripe about the scene first and declare that she was finished with watching the show…

And then came Brazile to join the Herd of the Outraged over the show…

Nobody says that Brazile or McCaskill, or the rest of the crybabies on the Left, have to watch Game of Thrones or to be OK with rape on TV, of course, but the drama-queen style in which they’re screeching about the show and swearing it off is comical. Gratuitous and horrific violence has been the staple of the show from the beginning; it depicts a world devoid of civilization and law where might makes right and the carnage of medieval warfare is played out on a grand canvas.

It so happens that the bulk of human history prior to the Enlightenment has been fairly similar to Game of Thrones.

For example, ISIS just took Ramadi. What’s going on there makes Game of Thrones look tame.

Islamic State militants searched door-to-door for policemen and pro-government fighters and threw bodies in the Euphrates River in a bloody purge Monday after capturing the strategic city of Ramadi, their biggest victory since overrunning much of northern and western Iraq last year.

Some 500 civilians and soldiers died in the extremist killing spree since the final push for Ramadi began Friday, authorities said.

That was two days ago. It’s only gotten worse since then.

Have either Claire McCaskill or Donna Brazile expressed any outrage over what ISIS is doing in the here and now as opposed to what the fictional Ramsey Bolton did to his new bride in a TV show?

We haven’t seen it.

Perhaps ISIS is too much for either to bear. Perhaps we can only ask so much of them. Maybe it’s too much to ask that either could watch a simple TV show without running to Twitter and screaming.

You certainly wouldn’t want babies like these in positions of political power. Except that’s what you have.



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