Five Ridiculous Issues That Liberals Are Outraged Over This Week

The politically correct crowd may just truly be the biggest threat to culture and to the country. It is early in the week and yet liberals and the politically correct crowd have already found meaningless issues to whine about this week.

Sometime we wonder how individuals have the time to actually complain about such ridiculous and minuscule subjects all because they’re “offended.” Here, though, we have compiled a list of five liberal outrages that you’re bound to see this week on your Facebook feed or in the news.

#1: Liberal Outrage Over ‘White Privilege’ Taken To A Whole New Level


Here’s the gist: This Huffington Post writer said that there was a time in college where she learned about racism that made her hate herself, her ancestors and her whiteness. Therefore, she would not be able to have children because that would “propagate” more white privilege. At least she won’t be propagating her liberal ridiculousness.

#2: Liberal Outrage Over Confederate Flag Belt Buckles


Here’s the gist: A Walmart spokesman has announced that because the superstore never wants to “offend” anyone with their merchandise, they will stop selling Confederate flag apparel in their stores. Yeah, because trailer trash teenagers strolling around on their four-wheelers in their Confederate flag belt buckles is a real problem in this country.

#3: Liberal Outrage Over ‘Jurassic World’


Here’s the gist: Liberals are outraged by one of the names of the dinosaurs in the blockbuster hit because its apparently “racist.” Supposedly, the dinosaurs called ‘Pachycephalosaurus’ that are abbreviated to ‘Pachys’ sounds too much like the British racial slur ‘paki.’ What we have here is the politically correct crowd trying to ruin every bit of entertainment for the rest of us.

#4: Liberal Outrage Over Mike Rowe’s Common Sense


Here’s the gist: Liberals are mad about Mike Rowe’s common sense statement. Here’s the statement that is being circulated around Facebook:

mike rowe

So we’re guessing common sense is now offensive?

#5: Liberal Outrage Over The New Taco Emoji


Here’s the gist: Liberals and the politically correct crowd are upset because the iPhone’s new taco emoji doesn’t “accurately depict” a taco. Supposedly, a taco must depict meat, onion, cilantro, and a corn tortilla, not tomato, lettuce, and cheddar cheese, as the current version shows. Really? We can’t even make this stuff up its so ridiculous.



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