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Another Orwellian political decision by the U.S. Supreme Political Court today, wherein we learn that love is hate, up is down, good is bad, and it all depends on what focus groups say the meaning is is, is.” – American Spectator

“Under all the usual rules of interpretation, in short, the Government should lose this case. But normal rules of interpretation seem always to yield to the overriding principle of the present Court: The Affordable Care Act must be saved.” – Antonin Scalia, as quoted by TIME

“Justice Scalia, joined by Justices Thomas and Alito, wrote a blistering dissent that calls the majority opinion ‘absurd.’ ‘Words no longer have meaning if an Exchange that is not established by a State is ‘established by the State,’ writes Scalia.” – Weekly Standard

“With today’s Obamacare decision, John Roberts confirms that he has completely jettisoned all pretense of textualism. He is a results-oriented judge, period, ruling on big cases based on what he thinks the policy result should be or what the political stakes are for the court itself. He is a disgrace. That is all.” – Quin Hillyer/National Review

“The Jefferson Davis statue on Richmond’s iconic Monument Avenue has been vandalized with the message ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It’s unclear when the message appeared, but it was visible on the memorial’s base Thursday morning.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Fortunately, we needn’t for the left to trade in honesty, good faith, or any other virtues to see their reasoning for what it is. We need only to push their own logic as far as it can go for their argument to collapse under its own weight.” – Townhall

Only in modern day America could a racist psychopath kill nine people in a Southern church and the focus turn to a flag. Only in modern day America could our nation’s largest retailer, Wal Mart, announce — to substantial applause — that it will no longer sell merchandise featuring the Confederate flag, but will continue to permit any mentally ill nut on the street to walk into its store and buy as many guns and ammunition as he can afford.” – Clay Travis/Fox Sports

“There is nothing to admire in its assault on market economies, technological progress, and—worse—on rationality itself. Bergolio, whom we know now as Pope Francis, is a limited man. His grasp of economics is straitjacketed by the Peronist culture in which he was raised. ‘Laudato Si’ descends to garish, left-wing boilerplate. The pope is neither a public intellectual, theologian, nor a man of science. Yet he impersonates all three.” – The Federalist

“Will the Democratic Party finally apologize for supporting slavery, segregation, lynching, and the Ku Klux Klan?” – Jeffrey Lord/American Spectator

Support Bernie Sanders! This is a call to action for every Republican anxious to win back the White House in 2016.” – National Review


“A defiant Bobby Jindal officially launched his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination Wednesday, vowing to a crowd of at least 1,000 supporters that he won’t be the establishment or status quo candidate.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

It’s hard to imagine Gov. Bobby Jindal starting from a weaker position than he’s in as he officially enters the race to become the Republican nominee for president.” – NOLA.com

“In his speech, Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal said, ‘I’m sick and tired of people dividing Americans. And I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, Irish – Americans, African- Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans – we are all Americans.’ The comment was interpreted by some on Twitter as another attempt to distance himself from his Indian roots and soon Mr Jindal trended on Twitter. But hours later, #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite was trending amid a storm of jokes and insults.” – NDTV

“Williams said he decided to organize the protest because he was angered that Jindal chose to announce his campaign outside of New Orleans, a city that, in his opinion, Jindal ignored and treated with hostility as governor.” – NOLA.com

“Some 138,000 Louisiana residents will keep the federal aid that helps them pay for their health insurance under Obamacare, thanks to Thursday’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Shreveport’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People branch and the National Action Network is asking for the removal of a local Confederate monument.” – Shreveport Times

Commonly known as the Bonnie Blue Flag, the single white star on an azure field is a familiar sight to those who regularly drive Interstate 12 between Baton Rouge and the Mississippi state line. The flag is posted to signs along the roadway, which is also known as the West Florida Republic Parkway. By state law, the eight Florida Parishes must fly the Bonnie Blue over their courthouses, but because of a variety of misunderstandings, the flag has not always been displayed, and in some instances, the flag of the African nation of Somalia has appeared in its place.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Prominent New Orleans attorney Clarence Roby is married to the federal judge who signed off on search warrants that targeted one of his clients — a client who also happened to be his mistress, according to a lawsuit filed by businesswoman Lisa Crinel last week.” – Pearl’s Window

“On Wednesday, the Baton Rouge Metro Council, suffering from disorganization and low attendance, lost its quorum and ended a meeting to handle the city-parish’s business after about 40 minutes of work. However, there was no legal requirement that they ended the meeting.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Residents in the French Quarter and the Downtown Development District are getting new garbage cans starting Thursday (June 25) as part of the city’s change of service providers to Empire Services.” – NOLA.com



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