Think Louisiana Is Patriotic? Think Again

The notion that Southern states are almost always more patriotic than Northern states is a fallacy. In fact, Louisiana ranks quite badly when it comes to how patriotic the state is.

In new research by WalletHub, some of the most patriotic states are in the North and some of the least patriotic states are in the South. Louisiana is actually one of the ten least patriotic states.

Also, the study found that apparently no one likes to volunteer in Louisiana, as Utah residents are three times more likely to volunteer than people in the state.

However, conservative states are more patriotic, with an average ranking of 24.1, compared with 26.7 for liberal states. And Alaska has twice as many veterans per 100,000 residents as New York.

Additionally, Georgia’s military enlistment rate is three times as high as North Dakota’s. Vermont has 23 times as many Peace Corps volunteers per 100,000 residents as Mississippi.

Here’s the full list of most patriotic states in the country:






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