VIDEO: Al Sharpton Incites Violence In Cleveland

We already know, because we’re seeing it all over the country this summer, what results from the incessant demonization of police among the communities so desperately in need of law and order. There’s a national crime wave afoot in the inner city, and it’s being goaded and prodded along by the race industry and abetted by Democrat politicians in their thrall.

The primary goader and prodder is Al Sharpton, who sets fires everywhere he goes and never seems to stick around to see the damage he’s doing.

Sharpton went to Cleveland last week to give a speech at a church, and he did what he usually does. He attacked the Cleveland police and then he suggested that trouble befall the Republican National Convention when it takes place in that city next summer.

One wonders what kind of threat “You will not have an election without Republicans addressing policing” is supposed to be. You can bet Sharpton won’t be around to explain it, though.



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