APPEL: Brown & Root Coming To Baton Rouge Is Great Economic News

Great news for the Baton Rouge business community; today it was announced that the newly-reestablished Brown and Root will relocate its corporate headquarters, along with dozens of high paying executive positions, to Baton Rouge from Houston.

The only way that we will solve Louisiana’s cycle of poverty, especially in our urban centers, is the growth of corporate business and the ensuing wealth creating jobs that such business brings for our citizens. It is not necessary that these jobs be offered directly by the corporations; the spinoff of attracting highly paid executives is that they spend in the community and they contribute to community causes.

For too long the leadership of many of our cities has demonstrated a belief that business somehow has to locate there and that, as a result, business could be looked upon as a source of taxes and patronage.  Not so by a long shot!

Business votes with its feet and business follows one simple rule;

Business is attracted to a location where it can have a reasonable expectation of making a profit  and of being able to keep that profit. That’s the capitalist way and it has worked in our country  for 200 years.

Despite serious political issues, Baton Rouge business leaders have been highly successful of late in attracting 21st century corporate business to their city. That bodes well for not only Baton Rouge, but also for our whole state. If city leaders everywhere start to look upon business with open arms instead of looking to business as an open pocketbook, our cities and citizens will all be so blessed.



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