BAYHAM: The Donald And Mr. Sulu

The increasingly leftist-oriented corporate cabal took a break from their public celebration of the Supreme Court’s imposition of same-sex marriage in all fifty states to vent their full wrath at real estate developer, (former) reality show star and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over the mogul’s comments regarding illegal immigration in America.

However when you are a billionaire approaching your seventieth year the same corporate dogpile that crippled other well-known figures who had made comments deemed insensitive has not fazed Trump as The Donald would rather protect his swagger than his financial assets.

While the harsh klieg lights of belligerent media have made most other politicians caught in controversy melt like snowmen, Trump seems to draw strength from the attention.

The fact is that not all the “undocumented” immigrants crossing from Mexico to the United States intend to limit their law-breaking to just their illegal entry into the country should not come as a shock.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask the federal government.

According to statistics published by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 85% of all illegal immigrants removed from the interior of the country, that is they were apprehended after having successfully crossed, had been previously convicted of a crime.

Almost three thousand illegal immigrants expelled by ICE were suspected gang members.

And of the 315,943 people deported by ICE, 176,968 (56%) hail from Mexico, home to one of the most dangerous cities in the world (Ciudad Juarez- 340 drug related murders in 2014), Federales known for demanding bribes from tourists and a drug war characterized by so many beheadings that al-Jazeera argued that the drug lords were worse than ISIS.

The facts clearly demonstrate that expressing concern over violent criminals entering the US from Mexico is hardly “hate speech” just because Univision, the Spanish-language wing of the Clinton Media Complex, declares it so.

In an article on the Trump-Mexico flare up, the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail (yes I need to leave the country to find good reporting) pointed out that Univision is owned by Haim Saban, a Hillary Clinton funder who raised $3,000,000.00 for her at his Los Angeles home in May (credit Variety for this information).

Thus far the business fall-out for Trump over his comments includes the abandonment of his Miss USA Pageant by NBC (professional villifier Al Sharpton’s employer) and the Clinton-aligned Univision and Macy’s Department Store dumping Trump’s menswear line after they were targeted by leftist activist mega-groups and Media Matters (founded by former Hillary Super-Pac chair David Brock).

The whole attack on Trump was basically a Hillarista hit job that would fall under the RICO statutes if there were such for political chicanery.

But as is to be expected in a society dominated by a leftist establishment media and a corporate community run by socially “progressive” Democratic donors, the consequences are not the same for someone from their side of the political spectrum when they go racial.

Gay agenda advocate, second-tier Star Trek cast member and Facebook superstar George Takei “trumped” The Donald in racial, incendiary language.

Mr. Sulu shared his feelings about Justice Clarence Thomas’s minority opinion on the Obergefell v. Hodges case before the Supreme Court that expanded the definition of marriage, calling him a “clown in blackface”, a “disgrace to America” and that “He doesn’t belong there”.

After the blistering that Trump endured, should Takei now lose his Broadway show Allegiance (about mistreatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II) after engaging in what passes in this era as certified hate speech?

Had Trump said anything remotely related to this about President Barack Obama, he would not only vanish from NBC but would be banned from YouTube as well.

Instead Takei would likely get away by issuing a grudging apology for his terminology used though not for the expression of contempt he has for America’s second black Supreme Court justice.

However Takei, following the lead of the man who fired him from Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, doubled down on his Facebook page trying to absurdly justify the use of the term “black face” in theatrical language.

Takei’s parsing of his meaning of black-face would have made the most ardent apologist of the Confederate flag proud.

Then Takei boldly went where no gay Japanese thespian had gone before, “quintupling” down on his indefensible position declaring that Thomas had abandoned and abdicated his African-American heritage.  An Asian man declaring that a black man was not black enough.  Oh the humanity!

If we lived in a truly fair and equal society, Takei would be forced by his peers to remove himself from his musical as a demonstration that comments of that kind should not be tolerated by anyone.

But instead of making an example of their sincerity about combating poisonous and divisive language, the Left will merely ignore/tolerate/cover up/justify Takei’s racist behavior, reminding those of us who are paying attention that they are devoid of integrity when it comes to promoting racial harmony and that their outrage is just bad theatre.



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