LIBERAL LOGIC: Unborn Babies Are Only Human When Planned Parenthood Can Make Money Off Of Them

Planned Parenthood’s motto is “Care. No Matter What.”

Yesterday, we found out that this is entirely true. Planned Parenthood will disguise abortions as “care,” especially when there is money to be made off body parts like lungs, hearts and livers from the unborn.

However, according to Planned Parenthood and their supporters, these unborn children are not humans. Rather, the public is told the unborn child is a mere fetus, a massive clump of cells, that cannot live on its own and therefore is not a human.

But, if the unborn child is not actually a human until it is physically born, why would Planned Parenthood be attempting to distribute and sell body parts that are used to aid in human medical research? How could these human organs in the unborn child be used for human research if that child is nothing more than a few cells?

Planned Parenthood and its supporters have already made it clear that they will defend their deplorable, racist and alleged illegal business practices until the end, but these are the questions that should puzzle everyone.

Pro-lifers are told constantly how “extreme” they are.

Is it not extreme that an organization would even have to be questioned for selling the body parts of a dead, unborn baby? Who is actually extreme here? And who is actually on the wrong side of history here?

The news media has ignored the Planned Parenthood scandal and supposed “Women’s Magazines” like Cosmopolitan have defended the abortion-giant for what they are calling a deceiving video.

Here’s the problem though, quotes from a top level Planned Parenthood abortion doctor that are in context are not deceiving. In the field of journalism, quotes like these on tape and in context are rare and incriminating.

Planned Parenthood is in trouble and the most troubling part is Planned Parenthood’s supporters pretending that these revelations are too gruesome to be true.



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