The New Ted Cruz TV Ad In Iowa That Pulls No Punches On Planned Parenthood

It’s an old adage in politics that you can measure a candidate by who their enemies are. And if it’s true, Ted Cruz is making it no secret who he wants on that list.

Here’s an ad he’s running in Iowa to promote an event he’s putting on in Des Moines in 10 days, and it’s a direct hit on Planned Parenthood. When you explicitly say that your aim is to not only defund that organization but also to prosecute them, you force them to respond. Which they will; they have to.

A big chunk of the GOP base keeps saying over and over that they’re tired of the old political soft-soap routine and they want clear statements honestly delivered and followed up on. That last part can’t be evaluated unless he wins, but Cruz sure does look determined to make himself a viable alternative for those voters in the GOP base looking for an unvarnished conservative.

Our buddy Rick Shaftan called this a “great ad.” We think he’s right, if for no other reason than it forces Planned Parenthood to turn their guns on Cruz – and fighting a political campaign in Iowa and the southern “SEC Primary” states as a war against Planned Parenthood is precisely how Cruz makes himself the “base” candidate in the GOP race. From a strategic standpoint it’s very strong stuff.



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