VIDEO: Here Are A Couple Of Important Videos For Labor Day

I could’ve done a long post giving an economics lesson on this Labor Day. I could’ve done something on how Henry Ford was the inventor of the 40 hour work week, not labor unions. There’s also the post about how capital (ie. money from investors) is equally important to work as labor. But, those posts as you can see have already been written.

Instead, here are my modest contributions to the cause of liberty on this Labor Day. I have a couple of important videos that need to be seen and shared far and wide.

The first one is an old Cold War propaganda cartoon, “Make Mine Freedom.” The cartoon made in 1948 provides a great defense of the American system of free enterprise against the three “isms”; communism, fascism, and socialism. Although the examples are dated, they’re still timeless.

The second video is a talk by the host of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” Jon Taffer at the recent Defending The Dream summit put on by Americans for Prosperity. It was a great talk and well worth the 9 minutes. It was about how small business is the job creator in the country and how government regulations are strangling them.



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