Curly Bill Brosius Has Somethin’ To Say To Steve Spurrier

Which is this…

Spurrier quit as South Carolina’s coach today, just a couple of days after LSU whupped his butt 45-24 in a game that coulda been a whole lot worse. His team is pretty bad this year; they look a lot like a last-place club and they’ve got the four straight losses to prove it.

So for him to up and quit after gettin’ blowed up by LSU’s offense (624 yards’ worth) is kinda significant for LSU fans – and while it goes without sayin’ that Spurrier gets his due for bein’ a great coach and one of the legends of the game, and probably the most dominant figure in SEC football since Reagan left office (you could make a Nick Saban argument or even an Urban Meyer argument, but nobody’s done it longer and with more oomph than Spurrier), for LSU fans this is a night to get a bit of a mean on.

Especially since we earned it with all that goodwill stuff with playin’ South Carolina’s alma mater and so on, and collectin’ money for flood relief. That made us nice guys; now we can gloat a little.

Because of this…

October 6, 1990 Gainesville, FL Florida, 34–8
October 5, 1991 Baton Rouge, LA Florida, 16–0
October 10, 1992 Gainesville, FL Florida, 28–21
October 9, 1993 Baton Rouge, LA Florida, 58–3
October 8, 1994 Gainesville, FL Florida, 42–18
October 7, 1995 Baton Rouge, LA Florida, 28–10
October 12, 1996 Gainesville, FL Florida, 56–13
October 11, 1997 Baton Rouge, LA LSU, 28–21
October 10, 1998 Gainesville, FL Florida, 22–10
October 9, 1999 Baton Rouge, LA Florida, 31–10
October 7, 2000 Gainesville, FL Florida, 41–9
October 6, 2001 Baton Rouge, LA Florida, 44–15

11-1 against LSU while at Florida, and the average score was 35-12. It was pretty much an annual thing.

But Saturday there was none of that swagger while he was beatin’ the poo out of us.

To the contrary. There was this…

He got beat down and discouraged, and it was LSU did it to him.

When he was at Florida, we couldn’t beat him and we knew it. There was no beating him. It happened in 1997 and that was fine. They were No. 1 and came into Tiger Stadium and got busted to pieces by Herb Tyler and Kevin Faulk in one of the most fun games there’s ever been in that stadium.

But other than that, LSU didn’t even play Spurrier close. Like I said, 35-12 was the average score of the annual Spurrier beatdown.

But then he got to South Carolina after he’d tried his hand with the Redskins in the NFL. And things got different, quick.

Mind you, Spurrier did pretty good at South Carolina. He’s gone 86-49 and made nine bowl games in 10 1/2 years. That ain’t bad. But against LSU?

September 22, 2007 Baton Rouge, LA LSU, 28-16
October 17, 2008 Columbia, SC LSU, 24-17
October 13, 2012 Baton Rouge, LA LSU, 23-21
October 10, 2015 Baton Rouge, LA LSU, 45-24

It ain’t exactly a string of blowouts – the average score is 30-19.5 – but four straight wins over Steve Spurrier is four straight wins over Steve Spurrier. And when they end with Steve Spurrier talkin’ about how “they just clobbered us,” you gotta smile.

So tonight we can smile real big about how LSU finally got the better of Spurrier in the end.

And it’s pretty ironic that LSU beats him down so bad he quits, and on Saturday LSU plays his old team in a game more or less bigger than any of the ones LSU and Florida played when he was coaching there (on account of LSU more or less sucked the whole time he was there), and on the day he quits the quarterback for his old team gets suspended for the rest of the year by the NCAA for takin’ too much Brawndo or somethin’.

It’s almost like Les Miles is livin’ right.

And it’s definitely like bein’ an LSU fan is a lot of fun this year.

UPDATE: And yeah, there’s the fact that the assclowns on the LSU Board of Stupidvisors had a chance to hire Spurrier in 1986 to replace Bill Arnsparger and decided to hire Mike Archer instead.

I didn’t forget that. I remember it fine. I just didn’t think it was a good idea to remind some of our older readers of that fact on account of some of ’em might stroke out at the memory.

LSU had three coaches they were lookin’ at at the time an’ hired Archer instead. They coulda hired Spurrier, or Mike Shanahan who did pretty good as an NFL head coach, or Sam Rutigliano who ultimately went on to build a pretty decent program at Liberty from scratch and had a reputation as a pretty good NFL head coach at the time, and instead they went with Mike Archer.

Who trashed the program and it took Nick Saban to put it back on a championship level like 15 years later.

I can hear the strokes. See? I knew it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Maybe it wasn’t the beatdown. Maybe it was the headset.

He was pretty damn exasperated with that headset.



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