Oh, And Here’s John Bel Edwards On Those Monuments…

From his Twitter. He said the same thing on TV in one of the debates a week ago…

Edwards says he supports local control over decisions to remove those monuments, because the 19 percent of the people in Louisiana who want to bulldoze the state’s tourist attractions out of pique for a particular period in its history are all John Bel Edwards’ voters.

Edwards might very well not care about those monuments. He might very well think Mitch Landrieu and his #BlackLivesMatter pals are idiots for trying to knock them down. But he won’t stand up to them, because he can’t alienate those people.

And from a political standpoint, that’s probably the correct position for John Bel Edwards to take.

But two-thirds of Louisiana’s people don’t want those monuments removed. Two-thirds of us want to preserve our history – good and bad – and learn from it. And two-thirds of us see what Landrieu and his social justice warrior pals are doing as cultural terrorism of a sort.

And if John Bel Edwards is the next governor, it won’t just be some monuments which get destroyed because he won’t stand with the two-thirds of us who wish to preserve our way of life. Because the people he refuses to stand up to want a lot more than just to take down some monuments.

Over the next four weeks you’re going to see a whole lot of specific examples of John Bel Edwards having taken positions diametrically opposed to those favored by the majority of Louisianans, either because he’s a hard-core leftist or because he can’t stand against the hard-core leftists whose votes and money he has to have to further his political career. We already know from looking through his campaign finance reports that if he’s the next governor the unions and trial lawyers will get absolutely everything they want from John Bel Edwards.

But there’s more. And it will show that his refusal to stand against the fruitcakes who want to destroy monuments is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Pandora’s Box electing him will open in Louisiana’s public policy.



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