Here’s The Letter Reince Priebus And Roger Villere Just Sent To Jay Dardenne

Right, right. Make all the jokes you want about the “strongly-worded letter.”

Villere called Dardenne “the Nick Saban of Louisiana politics” in the press release accompanying the letter, which was witty but not a choice I would have made. On Saturday Saban’s old team plays his current one, and if Alabama wins then the Saban analogy, carried to the finish line, holds that the betrayal ends up as devastating. What you want to present, where Dardenne is concerned, is that what he’s done makes him persona non grata within the Republican Party and as such inconsequential, because the people who have supported him did so more out of attraction to political principles that he alleged himself to adhere to than some cult of personality that could be delivered to a candidate who opposes, vociferously, those principles.

In any event, here’s what Villere and Priebus wrote…



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