EXCLUSIVE: A Compromise On New Orleans’ Historical Monuments Not ‘Even Possible’

After the Hayride reported on a growing sentiment of a compromise on removing four historical monuments in New Orleans, sources say they have been told that a compromise is not even possible.

Councilwoman at Large Stacy Head apparently emailed a constituent yesterday regarding tomorrow’s New Orleans City Council’s vote on the issue and said that “Given the way the process has gone, I am not sure a compromise is even possible.”

Head could be referring to the fact that Mayor Mitch Landrieu (who requested the four monuments be removed back in June) has apparently had the votes on the City Council to remove all four monuments from the very beginning, despite conducting a “60-day discussion period” to converse about the monuments, as the Hayride exclusively reported.

Head could also be referring to the fact that since Landrieu has friends on the City Council that back him up on monument-removal, those City Council members could block any efforts to broker a compromise on the issue.

Earlier in the week, Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell, who confirmed Hayride reports that she was in fact against removing all four monuments, said a compromise could be on the table, saying that the Liberty Place monument could be taken down, while leaving Lee Circle, PGT Beauregard’s City Park statue and the Jefferson Davis monument in place.

Councilman at Large Jason Williams, District D Councilman Jared Brossett and District E Councilman James Gray all seem to be set on removing all four monuments, rather than focusing on a compromise.

Meanwhile, Cantrell and Head are likely to go against Landrieu’s plan. Councilwomen Susan Guidry and Nadine Ramsey have both been silent on the issue, though Ramsey is seen as the ‘swing vote’ on the City Council.



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