Modern Feminism, In One Picture

How do you know when a movement has ended and is now an irrelevant caricature of itself?

A good rule is that when the adherents to that movement use it to justify their failure in life. As in this case…

This doesn’t merit an enormous amount of analysis, but it is worth remarking on the fact that the imbecile in question “needs” feminism as a shield against criticism for feminist stupidity.

As in, her boyfriend is laughing at her Women’s Studies “magor” – for, it seems, a number of reasons; perhaps most importantly that it doesn’t teach her to spell.

And that it won’t qualify her to do productive work, which was one of the main purposes behind the launch of the feminist movement in the first place. Now, women who are committed to doing productive work can and do make more money than do men. But Women’s Studies majors generally do not, because nothing is taught in a Women’s Studies curriculum that prepares anyone to do productive work.

But what it will do is teach feminist girls who can’t spell “major” correctly the art of grievance. It will teach them to analyze their boyfriends’ disdain for a Women’s Studies major as rising from The Patriarchy, and supply them with an arsenal of feminist buzzwords to use in bitching at said boyfriends for their sexist statements about how specializing in feminist grievance is a waste of time from the perspective of the real world.

Because the real world is Patriarchal. And oppressive. To Women’s Studies students who can’t spell “major.”

She’s not a moron who will spend five years pouring coffee at Starbucks ruminating over poor choices that led to her groaning under a mountain of student debt without qualification for productive work she could gain to pay it off. No, never. Instead, she’s a victim of Male Privilege and an example of why we need a more redistributionist society.

This is what feminism has become. This is what the modern Democrat Party has become. If you can’t hate and ridicule both for the aggressive stupidity and cognitive impairment they actively promote, you’re simply not paying attention.



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