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The era of easy money is about to end. The 211,000 jobs created in November make it all but certain the Federal Reserve will begin raising interest rates later this month — a move that could imperil Hillary Clinton’s hopes of winning the White House if the Fed inadvertently triggers a sharp economic slowdown. ” – Politico

“The mysterious Pakistani woman who with her husband gunned down 14 Wednesday at a Southern California holiday party reportedly pledged her allegiance to ISIS before the massacre, according to a government source, in what appears to be concrete evidence that the rampage was at least inspired, if not directed, by the terrorist group.” – Fox News

You can barely walk down the street these days without tripping over a member of the media wanting to warn you about the dangers of Islamophobia in America. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was positively agog about it yesterday, and numerous other media outlets have either run stories on the rise of Islamophobia or given voice to Muslim advocates who want to warn us all about Islamophobia, including Reuters, the Washington Post, HuffPo, and dozens of local newspapers across the country.” – Red State

“As investigators sort through evidence picked up at the San Bernardino shootingsuspects’ Redlands home, family members say they are in disbelief.” – CBS News

Another set of atrocities, this time in San Bernardino, has Americans wondering whether anything can be done to lower the body count. Many angry voices on the left have been saying that we could reduce the bloodshed if not for the National Rifle Association and its sympathizers. But they overestimate what gun control can achieve and underestimate the extent to which their own partisan emotion is an obstacle to progress.” – Bloomberg View

“President Barack Obama’s aides are still working out a politically palatable way to implement a new gun control measure by executive order.” – Daily Caller

“Amid the Republican Party’s panic over Donald Trump, the media’s obsession with his every statement and misstatement, and the pundit’s predictions of an imminent Trump-induced GOP civil war, there are glimmers of a less alarming and bizarre Republican nomination battle.” – Politico

The United States has a much higher homicide rate than just about any other highly developed country, and it also has much more civilian gun ownership. Further, within the U.S., the simplest analysis — the type journalists can do, using data that are readily available online — reveals tight correlations between states’ gun deaths and factors such as gun ownership and gun-control laws. The obvious conclusion seems to be: Get rid of the guns, get rid of the violence. It’s that simple, everyone knows it, and yet redneck conservatives in thrall to the NRA stubbornly resist handing over their weapons. ” – National Review

“The Senate voted Thursday evening for the first time ever to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, passing the measure 52-47.” – The Blaze

“Terrorism and Middle East expert Erick Stakelbeck joined Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon today to discuss ISIS’s trail of terror from France, Belgium and on to the United States.” – Breitbart


“With the regular season in the books for LSU, it’s time to look ahead to not only the bowl game but recruiting, as well.” –

Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards joined ‘Acadiana’s Morning News’ to talk about his transition to the state’s highest office. Earlier this week, Governor Bobby Jindal and Edwards held a joint press conference detailing how the current administration and the new one will transition. Edwards talked about what he would do for the important oil and gas industry as well as education in the state of Louisiana.” –

The potential deal to fire Les Miles as LSU’s football coach began to fall through early last week as the school’s president started to intervene even as negotiations between LSU and Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher were ongoing, multiple sources have told The Advocate.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy is calling for legislative change after a FOX 8 Investigation uncovered some people making six-figure salaries are living in public housing.” – Fox8Live

It appears as if U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy will become Louisiana’s senior senator in January of 2017, following what will be just two years in the nation’s upper chamber. It’s being made possible by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, who will not seek re-election next year after being handed a major loss for governor this fall. Vitter will step down with 12 years of Senate experience under his belt and another six from the House.” –

“Now that the Nov. 21 election is over, Louisiana residents are getting a break from what felt like a non-stop barrage of political ads on television during the campaign cycle.” – The Advocate Blogs

Christmas came early for two Louisiana siblings for simply saying ‘Thank you’ to a local police officer last Friday.” –

“It seems like ages ago, the Drew-Brees-less Saints nearly pulled off a stunning comeback victory in Carolina. However, the Black and Gold fell just short as cornerback Josh Norman sealed the 27-22 win with a spectacular game-saving interception in the end zone.” –

First responders are on the scene of a hazard materials situation at Diversified Foods in Madisonville.” –

“The United States experiences, on average, more than 1 mass shooting a day.” –



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