The Low Popahirum, January 29, 2016


“Cruz mocks Trump, Rubio speeds through, and Bush lightens up a little.” – Politico

“Tensions between Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio erupted over immigration and more Thursday night during the Fox News/Google debate, as the campaigns tried to put aside their battles with front-runner Donald Trump — ‘the elephant not in the room’ who chose to boycott — and focus on the issues, and their Democratic rivals.” – Fox News

“During the Fox News/Google GOP debate on Thursday night, the candidates, especially Rubio and Cruz, were taken to task over their record on immigration. In one exchange, moderator Megyn Kelly challenged Senator Cruz to on whether, based on his amendments offered, he supported legalization. ‘Yes it would,’ said Kelly of his amendment.” – Red State

A well-funded Republican super-PAC is intensifying its assault on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, preparing to hit the airwaves in New Hampshire and Iowa.” – The Hill

Donald Trump said Thursday evening Fox News had apologized to him after he publicly fell out with the network over the Iowa debate, but it came too late for him to change his mind.” –

Thirty years ago today, Challenger exploded, killing seven brave astronauts—but like all of us who went into space, they judged that the rewards were worth the risks” – Scientific American Blogs

When I first heard that rapper B.o.B apparently believes the Earth is flat, I sighed the weary sigh of a science writer facing down an anti-science culture. Evolution, climate change, vaccines, and now #FlatEarth? ‘Are you kidding me?’ I thought. Will Americans insist on rejecting everything that 100 percent of scientists agree on? Aside from B.o.B’s delightful diss track aimed at Neil deGrasse Tyson (and Tyson’s equally delightful response), this latest dustup just felt like more of the same. But then I clicked through and read B.o.B’s original arguments, and they stirred my very soul.” –

“Blaze Poll: Who Won the Iowa Fox News Debate?” – The Blaze

“Fox News used a pollster to host a pro-Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) focus group after Thursday night’s Republican debate, despite the fact that the pollster actually had Rubio as a client.” – Breitbart

“As terrorism continues to be the top concern of American voters, the final GOP presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses Monday was heavily focused on foreign policy, national security and radical Islamic terrorism.” – Town Hall


“The House of Representatives is reinforcing its commitment to be more independent from the governor than political tradition has dictated in Louisiana for decades.” –

Local experts are closely monitoring the Zika virus. The virus is spread to humans from mosquitoes and it’s believed to be linked to pregnant women giving birth to babies with microcephaly, a condition that can cause brain damage and even death.” –

“As the newly minted Louisiana Senate Finance Committee absorbed a sobering budget presentation from staff Thursday afternoon (Jan. 28), old frustrations and concerns about former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s approach to financial matters surfaced again.” –

“Louisiana has had to pay nearly $20,000 to compensate for the fact that New Orleans’ City Park illegally cleared more than an acre of wetlands for a new golf course last year.” – The New Orleans Advocate

“See the list: House committee assignments, chairmanships revealed” – The Advocate Blogs

On Wednesday, Col. Rob Maness USAF (Ret.) announced his bid to win the Senate seat in Louisiana that is to be vacated by current Republican Senator David Vitter. Sitting down with an exclusive interview with PolitiStick, the career military man who rose-up from the enlisted ranks to become a full colonel was careful to note that while he may have made a career in the military, he is far from a ‘career politician’- a label that has become an increasing liability in this election year dominated by freshman legislators and private-sector successes.” –

“After a fiery public debate and court battle, New Orleans is ready to move forward with removing four Confederate monuments from city property. Statues and monuments recognizing Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, along with a statue of Jefferson Davis and a historical marker in memory of the Battle at Liberty Park will be taken down. The monuments would be put in a city owned warehouse until New Orleans decides what to do with them.” –

“Republican Rep. Cameron Henry was one of two New Orleans-area representatives named Thursday evening to lead the Louisiana Legislature’s powerful money committees that will decide how the state’s deficit-ridden budget will be balanced.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate 

“Two New Orleans-area state representatives, Republican Cameron Henry and Democrat Neil Abramson, will lead the House’s two most powerful committees, members confirmed this morning.” –



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