The Low Popahirum, February 1, 2016


“When The POLITICO Caucus debuted in mid-February of last year, a majority of Iowans said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would win the caucuses if they were held then. Now, nearly a year later, roughly the same number — 60 percent — see Donald Trump as the winner when the votes are counted Monday night.” – Politico

“Highly classified Hillary Clinton emails that the intelligence community and State Department recently deemed too damaging to national security to release contain ‘operational intelligence’ – and their presence on the unsecure, personal email system jeopardized ‘sources, methods and lives,’ a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents told Fox News.” – Fox News

Government by ideological fantasy – at the expense of actual facts – is a terrible idea. So too is government of, by and for the donors. Far too often government regulators and bureaucrats ignore Reality – to tilt at ideological windmills. And WAY too often government becomes one giant stenographer for contributors – writing laws and regulations to accommodate their check-cutters’ every whim and wildest dream.” – Red State

“His focus may now be squarely on Ted Cruz, but Marco Rubio’s path to the GOP nomination increasingly runs through someone else: Jeb Bush.” – CNN

“Donald Trump is favored to win the Iowa Republican caucuses Monday night; he’s not a heavy favorite, but our polls-plus and polls-only forecasts give him a small advantage. Trump is also the candidate unacceptable to the most Iowa Republicans, according to the latest poll from the Des Moines Register: 37 percent said they would be ‘not OK’ with Trump winning the Republican nomination.” –

Chicago, never an island of tranquility, has been roiled by a surge in serious violence. Last year, the number of murders rose by nearly 13 percent over 2014, and shootings increased by a similar amount. Figures for January indicate a continuation of that unhealthy trend.” –

The whole world is struggling to decipher the worldview and guiding principles Donald Trump would apply as president. It may not be a prominent feature of his campaign, but his advisers say he does have a doctrine that informs his positions on foreign policy and national security.” –

Nearly 30 years ago, Lilly Love lost her way. She had just completed her five-year tour of duty as an Alaska-based Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer, one of an elite team of specialists who are lowered into rough, frigid seas to save foundering fishermen working in dangerous conditions. The day after she left active service, the helicopter she had flown in for the previous three years crashed in severe weather into the side of a mountain, killing six of her former crewmates. Devastated by the loss and overcome with guilt, Love chose as her penance to become one of the very fishermen she spent much of her time in the Coast Guard rescuing. In less than a year on the job, she nearly drowned twice after being dragged overboard in high seas by the hooks of heavy fishing lines.” –

Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) can potentially rock the political establishment tonight as Iowans kick off the 2016 election season.” – Breitbart


“Andre Perry, a New Orleans education consultant, said he was shocked on Sunday (Jan. 31) afternoon when he noticed that his 5-year-old son had caught a necklace of Mardi Gras beads studded with plastic Confederate flags, thrown from a float in the Krewe of Carrollton parade.” –

“U.S. Sen. and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign has opened its Louisiana headquarters in Metairie.” –

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration is preparing a spending plan in the coming weeks that will include draconian cuts to government services, along with a non-binding letter that recommends revenue measures to offset some of those reductions should legislators choose.” – The New Orleans Advocate

It is February. It’s the month we should turn our attention to affairs of the heart. Not just the romantic affairs of Valentine’s Day but the actual affairs of that all important muscle that keeps us moving. Yeah, that heart is the one I am talking about. February has been designated as American Heart Month. Here in Louisiana it’s a month and a cause we should pay a lot more attention to.” –

Governor John Bel Edwards argues against those who say he is breaking a campaign promise by proposing to raise taxes to address Louisiana’s massive budget shortfall.” –

The former head of Louisiana’s Veterans Affairs Department mismanaged money, covered up crimes at veterans’ homes and lied about his military background, according to a scathing report released Monday (Feb. 1) by the state’s legislative auditor and inspector general.” –

“As the crisis over toxic water in Flint, Michigan captures national attention, others around the country are hoping the intense focus will bring their own water safety issues to the fore.” –

“In his successful run for governor, John Bel Edwards promised to reverse at least some of the damage done to higher education in Louisiana over the past eight years.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

About $2,700 was misappropriated from the Town of Iowa’s utility department, according to state auditors.” –




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