The Low Popahirum, February 23, 2016


Chuck Grassley has left the door open slightly for Supreme Court nominee hearings.” – Politico

Marco Rubio picked up a flurry of endorsements Monday from key Republicans in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, as the GOP establishment appeared to coalesce behind the Florida senator as its best hope to head off Donald Trump.” – Fox News

“This is not one of those posts where I am saying that Ben Carson supporters are figuratively throwing their votes away by voting for a candidate who has no chance to actually, this is a post where I am explaining that votes cast for Ben Carson on Super Tuesday will literally count towards Donald Trump’s delegate total (or, in the case of Texas, towards Ted Cruz’s total).” – Red State

“Trump’s South Carolina–New Hampshire double is being touted as a sure sign he’ll win the nomination. It’s not.”  –

For months, establishment Republicans have envisioned the billionaire losing support as the presidential field narrows.” –

Ted Cruz said tonight that he would use federal immigration officers to round up and deport all 12 million people in the country illegally — a markedly tougher stance that he has struck in the past.” – The Dallas Morning News

President Obama on Monday brushed off Republicans who say he’s in love with big government.” – The Hill

Marco Rubio took a pretty clear shot at Donald Trump during a campaign stop earlier today in talking about nominating someone who most of the party hates.” –

If Trump were elected, portions of the conservative movement would compromise the movement to be one degree from Donald Trump. The intellectual institutions on which we have made our case for limited government and freedom would crumble.” – Hot Air

“As theories of a brokered GOP convention loom, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) if he could become the Republican nominee for president. His answer? A resounding, ‘No.'” – The Blaze


The Storm Prediction Center very rarely issues a forecast with a better than enhanced chance of severe weather. Today is one of those exceptions. As you can see by the map to the left, a good portion of our state is in the moderate risk category for severe weather. Most of the rest of the state is in the enhanced risk category while the remainder of Louisiana falls under the slight and marginal risk categories.” –

Early voting is now underway for Louisiana’s presidential primary election but has gotten off to a slow start.” –

“Every time it rains, many Lafayette Parish school system students have to change into gym clothes because, with a lack of covered walkways to the district’s numerous temporary buildings, walking to class through downpours is just unavoidable.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“As the Louisiana Legislature grapples with a $900 million funding shortfall in the current budget and $2 billion in the budget that lies ahead beginning July 1, lawmakers are seeing an opportunity to tap into some of the funding that has been set aside for pet projects over the years.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

A newly released audio recording of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s off-air conversations with Donald Trump has reignited concerns that the MSNBC co-hosts are too cozy with the Republican frontrunner.” –

Republicans in the Louisiana House have started shaping their response to state budget problems, taking aim at consulting and professional services contracts.” –

Strange behavior by a lone moviegoer sent some unnerved patrons scurrying from The Grand 14 on Kaliste Saloom Rd in Lafayette on Sunday afternoon. However, for the most part, patrons and police largely downplayed the incident.” –

One top lawman takes a stand against crime. While he’s usually putting criminals in jail, he explains why his personal experiences with violence inspired him to help ex-cons once they’re released.” –

“One State Representative is pushing for a new law that would require metal detectors in movie theaters.” –

“Louisiana legislators, desperate to find ways to cut the budget before looking to new revenue sources, are pushing for the state’s contracts to be reviewed, with the aim of cutting contracts that are inefficient or outdated.” – The New Orleans Advocate

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