Edwards Shills For Teachers Unions And Failing Schools In Response To WSJ

Recently, The Wall Street Journal blasted Louisiana’s leading shill for failed schools, John Bel Edwards, for his proposals to undermine school choice. Now Edwards has fired back at the WSJ. Most of it is behind the paywall but the juicy excerpts made The Advocate.

“I reject the notion that supporting our dedicated classroom teachers is at odds with improving the education our children receive,” he said.

This isn’t about “supporting teachers.” This is about eliminating competition to the government school teacher unions from charter schools and private schools. They want Louisiana parents to be all but mandated to send their kids to the local government school.

Edwards wants to limit eligibility to students in public schools rated D and F, not C, D and F, which is current state law.

The governor also wants to make it harder to launch charter schools.

Under current rules, charter school applicants denied by local school boards can appeal to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Edwards has proposed that local school boards in districts rated A or B — the majority statewide —   have the final say.

Charter schools are public schools run by non-governmental boards, and they are supposed to offer innovative classroom methods.

Why does John Bel Edwards want to trap kids in mediocre government schools? Why shouldn’t students have the choice to go to a school that better meets their needs? For example, a student is good at music or has some kind of special need. Why can’t that student go to a charter school that can better meet that need?

“C” schools may not be failing schools, but they’re not passing schools either. They’re mediocre schools and why should mediocrity be good enough for Louisiana’s children?

In education, the choices are if you’re pro-children or are you pro-adult? John Bel Edwards is pro-adult because he puts the teachers unions over Louisiana’s most precious resource, it’s children.

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