The Low Popahirum, March 4, 2016


“GOP Caucus members believe the door has closed on the possibility of another candidate winning a majority of delegates.” – Politico

Donald Trump’s rivals teamed up at Thursday’s Fox News Republican presidential debate in a concerted effort to cast him as a political salesman willing to say anything and take any position to win the nomination – but in the end, pledged to support the GOP nominee, even if it’s Trump.” – Fox News

Short version: at last night’s debate the topic of H-1B visas* came up.  Last night Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump at the debate how he felt about temporary work visas now.  Trump said that he loved them to death, and was softening the position found on his website.  Somewhere out in the political wilderness, Senator Jeff Sessions (an H-1B visa restrictionist who is endorsing Trump solely because of Trump’s position on immigration, supposedly) immediately suffered a nosebleed from the psychic shock of this sudden, yet inevitable betrayal**.  The Trump campaign had to go out and send around an email saying, No, really, forget that Trump said that. Please, please, please, forget that Trump said that. Also: Trump can’t tell the difference between a H-1B and a H-2B visa.” – Red State

“Sony, the studio hacked by the North Koreans when they objected to ‘The Interview,’ will release ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ on March 11.” –

“In a post-debate interview with MSNBC, Donald Trump grades Fox News GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly, with whom he has famously clashed.” –

“With Donald Trump barreling toward the nomination despite an establishment desperate to stop him, the Republican Party is now in open conflict.” – Politico

“In an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said that a brokered convention would not be fair to Republican front-runner Donald Trump.” – Daily Caller

“‘You want to quote me as saying hahahahahahaha?‘ asked one.” – Politico

“Donald Trump — who has attracted voters with his pledge to fund his campaign from his own bank account — intends to reverse course and raise money in the general election if he wins the Republican nomination, according to a source familiar with the plan.” –

“Though Detroit voters overwhelmingly described Thursday’s GOP debate as ‘sophomoric,’ when Republican pollster Frank Luntz asked the Michigan focus group who they thought won the night, the group said only one candidate rose above the ‘disappointing’ rhetoric.” – The Blaze


“Gov. John Bel Edwards has proposed a 1-cent sales tax as a bridge to fiscal reform. Without serious revision, it could be a bridge to nowhere.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says his #1 priority if he wins the White House will be jobs and the economy. During an interview with Acadiana’s Morning News on KPEL he talked about ‘getting Washington out of the way’ to create more jobs in the struggling oil and gas industry. The interview comes the day after another contentious GOP debate on Fox News Channel. Earlier this week, he finished a strong second on Super Tuesday behind leading GOP hopeful, Donald Trump.” –

“The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Wildlife Management Areas may be growing in north Louisiana and that could give Morehouse and Union parish residents new outdoor recreation opportunities, including public hunting.” –

Marco Rubio was scheduled to appear at two campaign rallies in Kentucky and Louisiana this Friday. Both events are now cancelled according to the Rubio campaign.” –

It was a wild morning for some workers at a Baton Rouge McDonald’s Thursday morning after a man drove through the lobby of the restaurant. It happened before sunrise, around 6 a.m., at the McDonald’s on Florida Boulevard near Wooddale Boulevard.” –

A local firefighter wants the community to realize the tool he has at his disposal in his four-legged partner, a tool close to his heart.” –

“On Monday, Venice Capt. Peace Marvel had two out-of-towners on the boat who fish with him regularly, and they were on a mission.” –

Duck Dynasty fans are celebrating at the Duck Commander Warehouse in West Monroe as the show aired its 100th episode Wednesday night. Willie Robertson’s wife Korie, who also co-owns Duck Commander, says the family has received a lot of encouragement from Louisianans.” –

It’s crawfish time again in Louisiana. That means the delectable crustaceans will be found in boiling pots and slathered over pasta dishes very soon.” –

It’s been a week since the Louisiana House of Representatives sent the state Senate a package of budget cuts and one major tax hike to fix Louisiana’s budget deficit.” –

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