Clown Troy Hebert Spends An Entire Senate Forum Sucking Up To Donald Trump

All of the people coming out of the woodwork to support Donald Trump are putting on some pathetic displays of ass kissing. Few are more pathetic than the biggest joke running for the open U.S. Senate seat this fall, former legislator Troy Hebert.

The ex-Democrat turned independent Hebert is hitching his wagon to Trump’s popularity in this state. Jeremy Alford writes about Hebert’s brown nosing at the recent Louisiana Chemical Association forum.

“Go Trump!”

Or, given the Cajun accent, it may have been, “Geaux Trump!”

Either way, those were the first two words that came out of the mouth of former state legislator Troy Hebert at a recent U.S. Senate candidate forum hosted by the Louisiana Chemical Association.

It was the first time that all eight of the major Senate contenders appeared on a single stage this election cycle. It was also an early preview of how Donald Trump’s branding and messaging — trending topics in American politics — might influence the conservative side of the Bayou State’s top-tier race this fall.

[…]But no one in the U.S. Senate field is hotter on Trump than Hebert, who has actually purchased billboards to promote Trump and his own Senate candidacy. “You got a lot of people wanting to jump on the Trump bandwagon,” Hebert said. “And if you’re not jumping on the Trump bandwagon, you are basically jumping on the Hillary (Clinton) bandwagon. And wait and see where that’s going to get you.”

Hebert warned the audience at the Baton Rouge forum, “For those of you who like political correctness, this might be a good time for you to take a bathroom break.”

Hebert certainly can’t run on his own record and integrity. If he did that, he would be laughed out of the race. Instead he has to run on the Trump brand and hope he grabs himself a share of the white Democrats and independents to vote for him. It also helps Hebert that David Duke is not expected to run.

Alford goes on to suggest that Trump could be influencing all of the candidates on the conservative side of the race to an extent. Both Congressmen in the race, John Fleming and Charles Boustany, are trying to run anti-Washington campaigns. Plus John Kennedy is running on unconventional ideas such as banning iPhones in the classroom (we’re not joking) in his platform.

Rob Maness went a little bit further than other Republicans. Maness compared himself to Trump in that he’s an “outsider” and even called his opponents “all talk.”

While this campaign is sure to be entertaining, it is not showing signs that it will be a serious one. The conservative candidates (although it’s a stretch to call Hebert one) are going to be chest thumping and trying to outpopulist each other.

But this probably has nothing to do with Trump. Just like the recent immigration focus, it has more to do with Louisiana politics than Trump. Louisiana has always been a populist state and that has nothing to do with Trump. The only difference is that Trump personifies it on the national level. In other words, this is just a normal Louisiana election.

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